Works for me wednesday – once a month cooking

October 28, 2009 at 8:22 am (random)


After lots of “let’s do this sometime soon”, I did it!

This past Saturday, my sister Staci, Amanda and I got together and took on the September Menu from Once A Month Mom.  The overall outcome:  I think we all agreed that as long as the food tastes good & heats up well then it was definitely a good thing!!! And so far I would have to say that the Once A Month Cooking from Once A Month Mom has “Worked for Me”! It was a long day.  It took a lot of planning.  BUT LOOK AT THE END RESULT!!!


Food, Food, and more Food

Have you ever seen so much food?!?

We were probably on the high end of everything.  It took us about 11hours & we spent a little over $300 (combined).  However it was our first time.  I would definitely imagine we could shave some time & money off that in the future.

A couple reasons, in my opinion (not trying to speak for ohAmanda or Simply Staci) that helped make this “Work for Me”:

The Extra Person – The way I understood everything, the Once A Month “guidelines” are really intended for 2 people.  However, we used threeThis helped us on time – although it took a long time, it no doubt would have taken a lot longer without that third person.   Amanda was “Person A”, Staci was “Person B” and I was the human dish washer!!  It’s not like you have time to run the dishes & I don’t know who in this world would have the amount of dishes & utensils needed to pull the day off, so an extra “human dish washer” worked out well.  It also helped with expenses.  When it was all said & done, I spent $116 for over 18 meals (plus about $15 on some Ziploc Freezer Bags & Baking Trays).  And I promise you we will not feel a shortage of food by splitting it among three people!!  For starters, the meals are designed for 2 families of four.  Amanda & I each have our husbands, a toddler & a one-year old … so in terms of “eating” our families aren’t considered “of four”.  My sister is single so between all that we have PLENTY of food!!!

Table/Counter Space – My kitchen is not huge by any means, but I would say that I definitely have a fair amount of counter space & it definitely helped.  I even brought up an extra 6′ folding table that I had & we got alot of use out of that.  By the end of the night we had food lining up around the floor & on the fireplace!!

The Food Processor – Amanda borrowed her Dad’s Cuisinart Processor.  Very early on we realized she should have borrowed her Dad too (he’s awesome in the kitchen!!), but since she forgot him the Processor would have to do … and it did!  Chicken, Apples, Pears, Veggies … chop, chop, chop!  Amanda also had her smaller prep one & it got used as well!

The Electric Griddle – My husband uses this all the time for big breakfast meals, but I’m not a huge fan … too much clean up for me:)  But we were flippin Silver Dollar Pear Pancakes like crazy woman (a whole other post all by itself) with that thing!  But it gave us alot more room to keep working on the stove.

The Whole ProgramA Menu, Instructions, A Grocery List how could that not work for me!! Sure, Montery Jack Cheese wasn’t on the grocery list(unless all three of us just looked over it every time) & we had to make a midnight run, but my goodness have you seen everything that is done for you!!   Tricia even checked in on us via Twitter to make sure we were ok … how sweet is that!!

It’s Already Done I have so much food … AND it’s ready to eat (we’ve already enjoyed several items) or give away (I already gave two dishes to my parents because they watched the kiddos so I could pull the day off)!  And they loved both their meals!!

Ready to pull out of the freezer:)

Ready & Waiting!

So, there’s lots more I could say about it and hopefully ohAmanda & Simply Staci will post on it soon too!  But for now that’s just a brief synopsis of our Once a Month Cooking Day & why it worked for me!

Thanks Once A Month Mom!!!!

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  1. ohamanda said,

    Great recap!

    Last night I went to PUblix for some milk and happily walked by the meat department without looking at a thing or even thinking about dinner b/c it’s ALL DONE!

    It SO works for me!

  2. Heather @ Not a DIY LIfe said,

    What a great recap post! I would love to try this too, I’ll have to find a partner though, maybe my sis in law would want to try this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Vanderbilt Wife said,

    It is a ton of work–but I so miss the month I had food in my freezer ready to pull out and go! I had a mini-OAMC night a few weeks ago and I tried to make those pancakes and failed miserably. I’d like to know how you did them and if they turned out!

    • It's Come To This said,

      Hey Jessie! We actually had to moderate the recipe a bit. We didn’t have the right corer for the pears so we ended up chopping them & throwing them in the food processor. Then just added all that to the batter recipe. In the long run it was near as pretty as the intended recipe, but I think it’s actually alot easier for our little ones to eat. Both my kiddos & Amanda’s have loved them!! I bet at least one of mine would have passed if they had to bite into pear slices:)

  4. Tricia said,

    Nice recap of your day. And very helpful. Also a reminder to me to go add that Monterray Jack Cheese – oops, sorry. Glad you liked it! Thanks for writing how you did it with 3 people. MANY people need to see how to “deviate” from the plan. You can also link up here: so that others on the OAMM site can see your story/hints.

    Thanks! :)

  5. Lisa said,

    GOOD WORK!! This must feel amazing. :) I do this at certain times and it always feels wonderful when its completed! Way to go!

  6. Rachel said,

    I am impressed and inspired! I may have to get together with my sister and do this sometime soon!

  7. The Sisterchicks Cook for A Month | said,

    […] yeah, and check out Mandi’s great recap!) Share and […]

  8. Alicia said,

    Wow! I really want to do this! This would be great to do before the baby comes! To not have to ‘think’ about a meal for a wholw month with a newborn would be fantastic! I might need your advice on this.

  9. Julie H said,

    My sister and I did a OAMC day a few weeks ago. I love Once A Month Mom but I’m a control freak (and my sister is too) so we both came up with our own menus. My family eats meat and she’s a vegetarian so most of our dishes weren’t shared. We had a blast though and also spent 11 hours start to finish. We are planning another day after Christmas. Here are a few ideas of things we did share:

    Pizza dough (made in bread machine)
    Buttery Bread machine rolls
    Four Cheese Stuffed Shells

    We both ended up with about 18-20 meals plus some extra sides, breads, muffins, etc.


  10. Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said,

    I’ve been trying to organize a OAMC day with a couple groups of laides from church-you’ve made me more comfident that it will work! I can’t wait to start–it has got to feel good having that much food ready!

    • It's Come To This said,

      It feels wonderful!!! I used to dread the dinner-time hour … but this month, it’s such a relief!!

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    […] Works For Me Wednesday (Once a Month Cooking) ~ The one where I highlight my Once A Month Cooking Day with ohAmanda & Simply […]

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