Top ten tuesday – halloween costumes

October 27, 2009 at 2:25 pm (random)

top-ten-tuesday It’s the week of Halloween.  And honestly, I only get excited for Halloween for two reasons.  One – It’s one day away from November.  Which means it’s 15 days away from my birthday, 20-something days away from Thanksgiving, and less than 2 months away from Christmas.  To me, Halloween means the real holidays are officially here!!!  Number  two – I get to dress my kids up!  I was never that into dressing up throughout my teenage/young adult years but I love thinking about the kids’ costumes!

So in honor of Top Ten Tuesday, here are my Top Ten (ok maybe I can only think of ten so they all made the list – but what’s the difference?) Halloween Costumes!

1. My first halloween costume memory is only because of pictures … I was dressed as a cookie monster.

2. My second, is once again because of pictures … we did something (a church carnival probably) with OhAmanda that year, and basically every year after that.  Amanda & I were sweet angels or fairies … I forget exactly.  But I remember that we were pretty, sweet, & cute.  My sister on the otherhand was a witch – hahaha … guess she drew the short straw:)  I have one picture stuck in my head that I cannot find but her face is NOT happy about being that witch.  Staci or Amanda, do you have a copy??

3. My memories skip until after I got married to my husband.  His name is Pepper, so as you can imagine, people think it’s funny & original to call me salt.  Side note:  If you ever meet someone named Pepper, it’s NOT funny or original to call his wife Salt).   So, Halloween 2000 that’s what we were – Salt & Pepper:)  OH, how I wish I could find a picture.  I basically looked like the Morton’s Salt Can.  I wraped blue fabric around a hula hoop & wore it like a dress.  I used cut-out sticky felt letters & wrote the logo, barcode, etc.   My husband just wore blue jeans & a black shirt.  We wrote “& Pepper” on his shirt.  We were officially … “Salt & Pepper” :)

4. 2005 was Evan’s first Halloween.  He was just 2 months old & all I ever heard was “oh my goodness he looks so much like his daddy”!!  At two months old I had no intention on dressing him up.  However, I found this adorable “little pepper” bunting costume & couldn’t pass it up!

Evan ~ Little Pepper ~ 2005

Evan ~ Little Pepper ~ 2005

5. In 2006 Evan was into everything, including Curious George … he was our own little Monkey!  I found this costume at Old Navy.  I love home-made, put together costumes, but Old Navy has some really, really cute ones!!

Evan ~ Our Little Monkey ~ 2006

Evan ~ Our Little Monkey ~ 2006

6. In 2007 Evan was all into Zebras!  However in our household they’re simply called “Stripes“.   Old Navy once again came to my rescue & Supplied this cute little costumer!


Stripes ~ Evan 2007

7. Then in 2008, Evan was all about cowboys & horses.  So of all random places, I found this costume at Cracker Barrel random, yes!  He still wants to fit in it today but his belly pops out & the pants looks like he’s ready for the great flood, but he loves it!  Not sure why this is the best picture I could find!


Evan The Cowboy ~ 2008

8. For Megan’s first Halloween in 2008, all I could manage to get her in was a little hat.  So she was the “carrot top” to Evan’s Horse.


Megan The Carrot ~ 2008

9. Well now it’s 2009 & Evan is still into any & all things horses & bullriding.  So he’ll be a Bullriding Cowboy! I don’t have his “official” Halloween Picture ready yet, but just to get you excited … check this out!  A friend of my husband’s MADE this for Evan’s birthday this past year!  It’s mounted on a spring & it swivels back & forth, side to side.  It even has a bell that rings!  Evan (and Megan too) LOVES it!!  Minus the demon eyes, I love it too:)


Evan The Bull Rider

10. Megan will be supporting big sister & dress up like a Cowgirl … plus the girl LOVES shoes & she’s got a really cute pair of boots that she hates to take off!

So if you’ll be dressing up, what will you or your kiddos be for Halloween?  Or what are some of your personal favorites from year’s past?

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  1. Janna said,

    Great costumes! I just hope my kids WEAR their costumes this year.

  2. Cheryl said,

    TOO CUTE – See, if you had YOUR picture albums – you would HAVE those pictures!!! Love ya, mom

  3. Jennifer said,

    Does she eat her carrots tho?

  4. Hillary@ The Other Mama said,

    OK- my kids will be buzz lightyear/ Mr. Incredible and whatever else strikes his fancy
    And, child #2 will be tiger/ giraffe and again- anything else he might or might not pitch a fit to be that we have readily available!
    Love the cowboy shots! Really impressive bull riding!!
    And- you’re not going to believe this: I know 2 Peppers! I male and 1 female! I’m sure they’ve never heard a Salt joke, either… :-)

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