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October 20, 2009 at 10:57 am (Top Ten Tuesday)


Today is my sister’s birthday!! We are two years apart.  It’s true what your parents say about “one of these days” you’ll love each other!!  Because while I probably always loved her growing up, I certainly didn’t appreciate her as much as I should.  Growing up we had our share of fights – most of them started off in the bathroom that we shared.

Here’s one of our more recent fights:



So in honor of Staci’s Birthday, I’m dedicating this Top Ten Tuesday post to the Top Ten Characteristics I love about my big sis!!

1.  Her love for her nieces & nephews – seriously!  She does the coolest, most fun, most thoughtful things for all her nieces & nephews.  If you want to be a cool aunt, you’ll have to copy everything she does but then do it with all your heart … and you might be close!  My two little ones are so incredibly blessed to have her as an Aunt!!  A family get together is never just a get together if Aunt Staci is in charge … here’s just one example!

They LOVE Aunt Staci:)

They LOVE Aunt Staci:)

2.  Not only do her cupcakes & cakes taste good – but they are always so cute!!!  It’s fun having a “cake person” in the family.  She always out does herself for the kids’ birthdays!!  I know it’s always going to be cute, home-made, and made with lots of love!

3.  Ministry – She is such a giver!!  She’s always been involved in ministry & hasn’t let her job or other responsibilities slow her down.  If it’s for something or someone that she cares about, she’s there!  Puppets, drama, stick ministry, small groups, children’s church, outreach, Camp Rocks, Square Peg, Mission Trips … you name it, she’s done it!  I know any youth or children under her lead are lucky, lucky, lucky!

4.  Friendship – Just like a ministry cause, if a friend is in need of something she’s always there!  She has supported countless girlfriends as they get married – I honestly think I would go broke (and a tad crazy) buying all the bridesmaid dresses, shower presents, plane tickets, etc. that she has or all the baby & wedding showers that she’s hosted, but her friends love her & want her to be a part of those days & she loves her friends & can’t help but do anything less than extraordinary for them.



5.  Her Style – I’m always jealous of her clothes.  I could seriously go shopping in her closet & have a ball.  In fact, I’ve done that a couple of times!!  She’s an accessory queen, but in a good way.  Never too much but always just enough to show that she’s thought it through.  I wish some of that would rub off on me!!  Here’s a peek into her closet:)

6.  She is full of integrity, grace, compassion and just fun!!

Her "Standard"

Her "Standard"

7.  Martha Stewart & a bag of chips! She’s like my personal closer!!  My dreams are always bigger than my ability!  So basically everything I start, she finishes for me.  And then there are those times when I know I shouldn’t even start the project … so I don’t.  I just call her.  It’s always cute. Cute. Cute!!!

8.  She’s around six graders all day long – I don’t see how she does that!!  But I know for a fact she’s an awesome teacher!!

9.  She’s a tad Vain – I’m KIDDING!!!  But she can definitely take an entire roll of pictures if she like her outfit one day:)  Here’s a little proof!

10.  But the best part of all … she’s my Sister & my Friend!  I’m very lucky to have her … Happy Birthday Staci!!

Happy Birthday!!!


You’re an awesome sister, aunt, friend and person.  I love you very much & hope you have a great birthday!!  I pray this is an awesome year for you!!!

OH, and I know she’d rather me not bring it up, but if after reading all that you can believe that she’s single – then you’re crazy,  but she is.  Guys are just flat out stupid!!!  If you want to send me an application, I’ll screen accordingly:)

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  1. Lauren said,

    My younger sister and I are 3 years apart and fought like CRAZY growing up! I just wish I had appreciated her then. Now we’re 1000 miles apart and I miss her so much! Happy birthday to Staci – you sound like a really great person to know!

  2. Krista said,

    What a great way to honor your sister on her birthday! Great top ten, Happy Birthday Staci!

  3. staci said,

    Awww…thanks Mandi ;) I love it…and I love you :)

  4. Janna said,

    Happy birthday, Staci!

    My sister and I are only 10 1/2 months apart and we are complete opposites! I’m still waiting on the friend part but that may be a little difficult since we live over 500 miles apart.

  5. ohamanda said,

    So sweet! I have tears in my eyes! And yeah, I’ll go over those apps, too!

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