I heart her heart

October 7, 2009 at 7:07 am (Megan)

*Update – Everything went pretty much exactly as I thought it would.  We walked into the Exam Room and about the time the door closed Megan starting crying – no screaming!!!  It’s as if EVERY single doctor’s visit the last 13months all rushed into her brain & she associated that little rectangular room with all the other visits – the dozens of visits to the Pediatrician, the 4 visits to the ENT Doctor, the 1 visit to the Neurosurgeon, the 2 visits to the ER, the one visit to the OR … and now a visit to the Cardiologist!  She had had enough & they were the ones she was going to let it out on!!!  And that she did!  Literally – I don’t think she ever let up!!  The nurses & doctor were so incredibly good with her.  They tried their best to comfort her so they could do all the little tests – blood pressure, oxygen, EKG, ECHO, etc. etc.  We had books, stuffed animals,  & suckers.  The main doctor even gave Megan his cellphone – he had a video of his son singing his ABCs & he put it on a LOOP for Megan to watch during the entire ECHO procedure … she actually started laughing at it at one point. 
But all of that for an end result that she has a healthy heart … and definitely a healthy set of lungs!!!  She has your standard murmur like alot of people do, so we’ll just keep moving forward!  Thank you for your prayers & concerns:)
Me & Megan

Me & Megan

We have to take this cute little girl (the one on the right) to the Cardiologist today.  Her doctor noticed a slight murmur and wants us to get it checked out.  I really like her doctor alot but this won’t be the first time that we’ve gone to a Specialist to get something “checked out”.  I know Dr’s have to protect themselves and more times than not that means referring us to a Specialist so they’ll be protected!!  But at the same time, I’d rather be safe than sorry so I’m ok with that!!

So to the Cardiologist we go today.   I’m actually not nervous about the results at all, but I am extremely nervous about Megan staying calm enough to actually run the tests!!  Megan, doctors, & calm don’t usually go together!  If she doesn’t stay calm enough then they may have to put her to sleep & I really don’t want that!!  They have her scheduled for an EKG and then if needed an ECHO test.

I hope everyone has a good day & I’ll update later.


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  1. ohamanda said,

    this is what i get for being behind on blogs! I didn’t even know! I wish you had emailed me so I could have been praying, too! Poor little thing! :(

    I’m glad it’s ok, tho’.


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