Top ten – the most mundane

September 21, 2009 at 10:34 pm (Top Ten Tuesday)

top-ten-tuesday It really stinks that everything on this list is  important, because otherwise I’d likely never do them again!!!  Sometimes routine is good, but mundane is just plain boring.
So here’s the Top Ten Most Mundane:
1.  Brushing my teeth – I of course love the clean feeling but I’ve found that I can’t multi-task while I brush my teeth.  And I think that’s the most frustrating part!  My husband can walk around & accomplish something else at the same time but I just turn into a big slobbery mess so I stand there.  It feels like a waste of time even though it’s actually accomplishing something!
2.  Showering – This starts the mundane cycle each morning.
3.  Drying my Hair – I want to regrow my hair out but the thought of standing under the dryer always makes me reconsider!
4.  Getting Ready (hair/make-up) – I’m so uncreative in this department.  I do the same thing every morning.  Same colors, same style.  Maybe I need to mix it up a bit.
5.  Laundry – the never ending cycle!
6.  Unloading the dishes – I can handle the loading part, but the unloading is so much of a chore for some reason!
7.  Bathing the Kids – I must confess I get off the hook on this one alot.  My husband normally takes over that role to give me a little breathing room at the end of the day.  But I really look forward to when they can bath themselves … or do I?  Can I really trust Evan to clean himself?!?
8.  Washing my face – Why can’t it just wash itself some nights!!!
9.  Sweeping – I could sweep ten times a day (and probably do sometimes) and there would still be more to sweep!!
10.  Sleep – Ok, not every night.  But some nights it’s more of a hassle to sleep.  There’s so much I could accomplish during those 8 hours that everyone is in bed!
So, are you the same way?  Am I alone?  What mundane chore did I miss?

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  1. A Trailer Park Mom said,

    I hear ya on bathing the kids. Emily can pretty much take care of herself, but I still wash her hair, otherwise it would only get halfway done.

  2. Janna said,

    In the last year, I have grown my hair out to a length it hasn’t been in a long time. Drying my hair is the most boring thing to me and it takes forever with my thick hair!

    Picking up rooms in general is pretty mundane, too!

  3. vanessa said,

    Drying my hair is my least favorite thing to do…sometimes I just don’t do it and then regret it the rest of the day when I walk around with a brillo pad for a head…

  4. angi said,

    let my hair air dry since that is what I have did for years

  5. Tiffany said,

    I feeeeel you. Sometimes I’m in the mood to go somewhere on the weekend…but the thought of getting into the bathroom to shower and get ready? Daunting. So I stay on the couch and don’t bother.

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