Dazed and confused

September 10, 2009 at 10:26 pm (random)

After my 2-week blogging hiatus and now a short week because of Labor Day weekend, I am totally out of it!!  I saw The Diaper Diaries’Things I Love Thursday” post & I thought she had her baby over the weekend & hadn’t posted since last week because surely, it couldn’t be Thursday already!!  I was wrong.  It’s Thursday.  And tomorrow will be Friday – waahoo!!!

Evan’s been enjoying his first week back in preschool.  And so have I!!  I think we both do a little better with a little break during the week!!  And this weekend he has his first T-Ball game.  That should be interesting.  Our soccer season earlier this year was more about a lesson on rocks & dirt than playing soccer, but oh well.  I’m always up for some 9am humor! 

If the other kids are anything like my son, I think I’ll wear a helmet myself … you have no idea where that ball or bat will go!!!


1 Comment

  1. The Diaper Diaries said,

    No baby. This week has been VERY screwy!!

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