Party chips

August 19, 2009 at 7:53 am (random)


Here’s a scene for you.

You’re getting ready to host a party.

You’ve made all the dips.

You’ve purchased all the chips.

You put your dips in a cute little bowl & displayed them ever so nicely.

You find a great bowl to hold your chips.

You open up the bag.

You pour the chips out.  And are left with the teeny tiny pieces & crumbs all at the top of the bowl?!?

Is that how it usually happens for you?  Or is that just me?

So I doubt this is some extravagant-never-heard-of-before-news, but as I was pouring chips into a bowl for this party, I realized the solution ….

Open the BOTTOM of the bag!

That’s where all the crumbs are so they’ll go in the bottom of the bowl!!

The result:  Pretty, Un-broken chips at the top … proudly on display!!

And yes folks … from here on out, that “Works for Me“!



  1. oh amanda said,

    Good one, Mandi! I have NEVER thought of that!

  2. Courtney@Booksnboys said,

    I rolled my eyes when I read this because it is so obvious and then I realized that despite it being obvious I have never once opened the chips from the bottom and usually I get a bowl that is way too small so the crumbs go all over the place anyway.
    So, to sum it all up, you are smarter than me.
    And I regret rolling my eyes at your brilliance :)

    • It's Come To This said,

      Rolled your eyes!! Haha … I do that alot at things I say too (and definitely others), so I’ll let it slide:) Thank you for coming around though!

  3. withoutafilter said,


  4. Kristin said,

    holy cow, I’ve been married and entertaining for 14 years, and that never occurred to me! Thanks! :)

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