It’s a full on party!

August 4, 2009 at 9:35 pm (random)

I’m in full-on birthday/celebration mode.  And if you don’t see me for a while, it’s because I’m in it full-on until the end of the month!! 

Before I got married, there was no birthday celebration in our family during the month of August.  In fact, my family had that spread out very nice & neatly.  We pretty much had one celebration a month.  My Dad kicked it off in September, Sister in October, Me in November, Christmas in December, my twin brothers in January, my Husband in February & my Mom in MarchNice & Neat.   Then we got married in August.   Mainly because the chapel became available, but still I was excited that it fit into our “nice & neat” monthly celebrations – now we just kicked it off a month earlier!

But fast-forward ten years later & August has became party central!!!  We’ll celebrate Evan’s 4th birthday this Thursday.  Then Megan decided to share her August birthday with our Anniversary.  Throw in a nephew in between those two dates, several best friends along the way & it becomes a very busy, very expensive month!! 

So please make me feel better … can you one up me???  Do you have a crazy month or week?! 

My husband was giving the run down to a friend the other day, but poor thing definitely had one up on us – she said she had the ultimate scenario … three children.  One child was born on New Year’s.  One child was born on Valentine’s & one child was born on their anniversary … what are the chances!!!!

Right now I’m in the “in between” phase of having a lot of fun & going crazy getting ready for this weekend’s big Dinosaur Birthday Party … because really, would you expect anything else than a Dinosaur Party!!!




  1. Rebekah said,

    I really don’t have one up on you but, my grandmother has atleast 3 people with birthdays every month.

    Good luck with all the party planning!!

  2. oh amanda said,

    Isn’t that funny? Our worst one is December: Daddy on the 7th and then Les, Mama and Jesus right in a row (23, 24 & 25) and then Jason and Brandy topped it off by getting married the 14th. Thank goodness we don’t’ celebrate other people’s anniversaries or we’d really be in trouble!

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