And the winners are

July 28, 2009 at 8:23 am (contest, giveaways)

Thanks to the good people at MyBlogSpark, I was able to select three winners for the What’s for Dinner Giveaway.  I had every intention of linking the giveaway to different “contest” sites, but the Internet access on the beach was spotty at best & it just never worked out.  But actually, when I came home & read the comments I was really excited because everyone entered I either know IRL, know through blogging/twitterfor a while, or we’ve just started tweeting or reading each others blogs … so, I was happy that either an old friend or a new friend would win!!

I went with the old pick out of a hat method & I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I even took a picture, but my husband has the little uploader thingy that I need to post it & honestly does a picture really tell the truth with something like this anyway?!?  So, you’ll just have to trust me!!!

And the winners are:

 Jessie from the Vanderbilt Wife – Jessie has a great site.  It’s always filled with yummy recipes, pictures of her adorable little girl, book recommendations, budget ideas & fun stuff in between!  She also hosts a Family Recipes carnival every Friday … so if you need good recipes or want to add yours, then be sure to link up to her!!

Brandi at Will Blog for Shoes – with a blog title like that, how can you NOT be intrigued?!?  She writes great posts about her little “Wog” & “Bug” … I’ll let you click over to find out who or what those really are:).  And in her Blogging Manifesto, she’s declared to “offer a giveaway every stinkin’ chance I get.  It’s just WAY fun to me.” … sounds great to me!!  I met her in web world, like Vanderbilt Wife, through my best IRL friend ohAmanda.

and last but certainly not least …

Staci at Simply Staci– yes, I know you could cry foul on this one.  She IS my sister.  But as stated above, I PROMISE I did not cheat.  I can’t take her out even if she followed the rules, just because she is my sister – that would be cheating!!  The funny thing is that she only entered herself with one comment, even though she tweeted & follows & all those other things … I know all that because she’s my sister, but I still ONLY entered her once & she STILL won … she got lucky!  But, if you’re not reading her blog already then you should!  She’s a single gal (she’s holding out for the right one b/c she could definitely get anyone she really wants!!) – she’s gorgeous, talented, incredibly sweet, can bake like a mad women, and writes about all that good stuff!!

So if you won, then I’ll contact you for an address.   Thanks to everyone for playing along!!




  1. Vanderbilt Wife said,

    Thank you, Mandi!! I am SO EXCITED! And thanks for the lovely compliments on my blog. I hope you’ll do some more family recipes soon!


  2. Will Blog For Shoes said,

    I am so stinkin’ excited about this too!

    (And I’m giving away some laundry detergent on my blog…it’ll probably be sticky, but it’ll be FREE!!)

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