Conversations with a three year old

July 20, 2009 at 8:00 am (3 year olds, Evan)

I’m pulling this one out of the memory bank before I forget about it & let it slip away!  And before said three year old turns four!!

Scene:  After three year old has taken a bath, brushed his teeth & had his hair brushed (which around our house the hair brushing part is called “getting handsome”), he goes for a walk with his mom

Mom:  It’s windy tonight isn’t it.

Three year old:  Yes.  It is windy tonight.

Three year old:  Mom (said with complete aggravation)!  The wind is blowing my handsome away!!



  1. Rebekah said,

    That is so cute!!

  2. Kara-Noel said,

    These are too funny! I have to start recording some of this stuff too!!

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