Skinny cow love

July 16, 2009 at 10:43 am (Things I Love Thursday) ()

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Can I just say that these little treats of heaven (aka The Skinny Cow) are the perfect, guilt-free ending to a day!!  Right now, I’m loving, loving, loving, the Sandwich Cookies – yummy!!  At only 140 calories per sandwich, they fit into my Joy LIFE Diet and I’m a happy girl.

So that’s something I love on this fine Thursday.  For more Things You Love Thursday or to link up to your own, visit The Diaper Diaries.



  1. Jeni said,

    I may have to try these, because I have a serious sweet tooth! I’ve heard other people rave about them, too.

  2. Denise said,

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve seen those in the store, but never tried them. I think I’ll pick some up the next time I’m looking for a treat.

  3. staci @ teaching money to kids said,

    I have never even heard of these. dare I get addicted to another sweet thing…
    I love the look of your blog by the way.

  4. MommyAmy said,

    Hmmm… I’ve seen them in the store and wondered about how good they taste. Think I’m gonna have to give ’em a try! :)

  5. KAT said,

    I just had one like 5 minutes ago. Seriously. I love those things!

    • It's Come To This said,

      Seriously!!! I’m still using coupons I got from the Race for the Cure:)

      See you Sunday …. it seems like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve seen you!!!

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