Ten things to disinfect

July 14, 2009 at 9:08 am (Top Ten Tuesday)

Doesn’t that title pull you in?!?!

I’ve been a mad woman with my Lysol spray & Clorox wipes the last few days!  On Monday our 3yo Evan was sick.  His came & went in about 12 hours.  Then on Thursday our daughter Megan got sick.  Her’s lasted about 4 days, went away for about 23 hours & has now come back!!  What is up with being sick in the middle of summer??  It stinks anytime of the year, but at least it feels “right” to be sick in the winter! 

I’ve realized sickness or not, there’s just certain things you should disinfect on a VERY regular basis.

1.  Telephones – House phones are bad, but oh how I remember phones at work … wipe me clean, please!!

2.  Keyboards & the Mouse – I’m sure you’ve read the horror stories about things “found” on those buttons – eww!

3.  Door handles – yep, those can get nasty.

4.  Faucets – since they’re used before cleaning your dirty hands, it stands to believe that they’re pretty yucky!

5.  Toys – in house they go in hands, in mouths, and who knows where else in between so yep, they need a good wipe down!

6.  Fridge Door Handles – For some reason, I think about washing my hands AFTER I pull everything out.

7.  Remote Controls – That’s just gross to think about.  Plus right now they’re Megan’s favorite chew toy!

8.  Toothbrushes– ok so no, I don’t spray these … but definitely throw them out & start all over!

9.  Carseats– After about 20 hours of fever & vomit-free, I thought for sure Megan was well enough to go pick up big brother from grandmother’s house.  Um, she decided that she wasn’t – while she was strapped in the car seat!!  I have cleaned parts of that thing I didn’t even know existed!!

10. Steering Wheel & Gear Changer Thingy – I always think about that after pumping gas, but especially thought about it after cleaning up previously mentioned #9!!

I have two more (the trash can & the iPod), but it’s a Top Ten Tuesday, kind of day … not twelve!

So what is one of the top things that gives you the willies & must be sprayed?!?!    For more Top Ten Tuesday or to link up to one of your own, visit ohAmanda.com.



  1. oh amanda said,

    the telephone for sure! ew.

  2. staci said,

    Sometimes I chew on my remote, too! HA!

  3. Stefany said,

    Totally. I also make sure to get the microwave handle and knobs from my washer/dryer. I am a bit of a germ phobe though. ;)

  4. AmyG said,

    Oh yes… our remote never stays clean… and I can’t figure out why!

    Hope Megan is feeling better today!

  5. Buffie said,

    Ugh! I had to pull out my daughters and clean it and my car seat from her upset tummy last week. Not fun.

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