I’d rather be sick

July 11, 2009 at 8:28 pm (Megan)

Over the last 24-hours, I think I’ve held Megan in my arms 20 of those.  She’s had a high fever – reaching up to 103.7 at one point – and alot of vomiting.  I went through 4 shirts & 3 pants in about a 4-hour period.  She went through so many that we just stripped her down to the diaper for the ride to the hospital. 

Fortunately the wait was nothing & the nurse & doctors were able to see her without any wait at all.  Unfortunately no real answers.  More than likely she just picked up something big brother had earlier this week and it’s just hitting her poor little body alot harder. 

So, now it’s Saturday and we’re settling in for the night.  I pray that she’ll sleep longer than 50-minute stretches.  That she’ll keep her bottle and medicine in her little tummy.  That she won’t look at me with those big brown exhausted eyes that say “help me”. 

I’d rather be sick.

Update:  It’s now 11:03 and she’s already thrown up again & has waken up twice.   Poor baby girl.  Still, I’d rather be sick.



  1. Rachel said,

    I hope you have a good night and that she feels better. Sick babies are heartbreaking!

  2. staci said,

    Oh this breaks my heart.

  3. Will Blog For Shoes said,

    Poor thing! You too. I hope you guys get some rest tonight.

  4. AmyG said,

    Aww.. I hope she feels better soon!!

  5. Becky said,

    Poor Meggie. I’d rather be sick too.

  6. KAT said,

    Sorry Mandi! Hope you both are doing better tomorrow!

  7. Ten things to disinfect « it’s come to this … said,

    […] 3yo Evan was sick.  His came & went in about 12 hours.  Then on Thursday our daughter Megan got sick.  Her’s lasted about 4 days, went away for about 23 hours & has now come back!!  What […]

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