Question of the week

July 8, 2009 at 10:03 pm (Questions, random)

So I have a burning desire (literally – as in my eyes are BURNING) to get some resolution to a very simple question!!  How do you chop your onions??

Are there any tips or tricks for when you chop one of those that literally puts your eyes on fire?  One of those where all you want to do is rub your eyes & wipe away the tears but you’re afraid to touch them in case your hands have been contaminated & you could be doing more harm than good!

I once heard while watching Martha Stewart to light a candle & let it burn while you chop the onion.  Well tonight, the candle was burning & my eyes were too!!!  It was absolutely insane.  Jack Bauer could have used it last season as an interrogation tactic!!!

So if you have any tips, I’d love to try it … I have another one I have to chop for tomorrow night’s dinner!!



  1. oh amanda said,

    LOL at Jack Bauer.

    But I DO have a tip. And you’re not gonna like it. Ready?


    On the rare occasions that I don’t have my contacts in and I’m chopping an onion, my eyes water.

    I guess you feel bad about that lasik surgery now, huh?!

  2. becky said,

    Put a slice of bread in your mouth- like have it hanging out of your mouth. Seriously- I heard it years ago and it works.

  3. becky said,

    I just noticed that your link to my blog is wrong!!

  4. AmyG said,

    Run the onion under cold water, while your cutting it. Also, I heard to make sure your knife is very sharp. I wouldn’t know if that works, because my knives are never sharp, lol.

  5. Staci E said,

    I have heard if you refrigerate the onion before cutting it, your eyes will not water. I’ don’t remember hearing the amount of time required, though.

  6. lasikexpert said,

    Run the onion under cold water as you slice it and then cover the slicings with some vinegar. :)

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