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June 23, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Top Ten Tuesday) (, )

As I mentioned before, we were recently in Orlando.  I had researched alot – or so I thought – about restaurants to hit & things to do, but much to my surprise it wasn’t until we were in Orlando & I was flipping through one of the oh so many phamplets I picked up from the lobby that I found the absolute PERFECT restaurant for our family – the T-Rex Cafe!! 

Our 3-year old, Evan, absolutely LOVES dinosaurs.  And Megan’s learned to love them just as much … they’re also great teething toys for her:).

So Monday night we headed over to Downtown Disney.  A few of our favorite things about the T-Rex Cafe were:

1.  The Dinosaurs– there were dinosaurs everywhere.  Sharp Teeth, Three Horns, Long Necks, Flyers … you name it – they were there!  There were also several different sections – the Ice Age, the Big Water, & the nice friendly Great Valley.  So while you wait on the food to arrive, you could go Adventuring!


2.  The Menu– it had plenty of choices for everyone.   You could start out with the “Footprints Flatbread”, munch on some “Ice Age Salmon Salad”, slurp some “Lava Tomato Basil Soup”, chow down on the “Layers of the Earth Lasagna”, a “Pre-historic Panini” or the “Dino-bite Nuggets”.  And of course ALL the deserts looked delicious!!

3.  The Food – Not only did the menu look good, but the food itself was really yummy.  I ended up with “Tribal Tacos” – grilled Mahi Mahi wrapped in corn tortillas & topped with red cabbage, fresh cilantro, pico de gallo & Avocado cream sauce – yummy!

4.  The Meteorite Showers – every twenty minutes the showers would hit.  Dinosaurs started moving & lights starting go out. Evan LOVED it!  He looks scared to death in this picture … he thought that was funny!!


5.  The Wait (if you plan right!) – they don’t take reservations but do offer “call ahead seating“.  I would definitely take advantage of this if you plan on going.

6.  The French Fries – they kept Megan busy … which means they also kept her very happy!


7.  The Store – Of course they had a great store to shop in.  I really regret not getting Evan a T-shirt.  We got too busy with #8 (below) that I just got side-tracked & didn’t go back in!!

8.  The Dinosaur Dig – This, of course, was brilliant!!  There was a huge pit filled with dinosaur bones covered in tiny pebbles.  Kids took their shoes off, grabbed a paint brush & starting exploring!!  Evan could have stayed hours in there – seriously!  On a side note, Evan looks really big to me (and a little silly too) in this picture!


9.  Build-A-Dino – From the Build-A-Bear company your little one can stuff a dinosaur before leaving the restaurant (and after paying for it of course)!!  But how cute.  It was like a mini Build-A-Bear but with a huge selection of only dinosaur stuff!

10.  The Experience – I love restaurants that are just about the experience as much as they are the food!  And this is one of those!!  Plus we had a great waiter.  He actually had good opinions, suggestions, and a good personality – go figure!

My pictures just don’t do it justice, so click here for more information & pictures from the Orlando location. 

What are some of your favorite “EXPERIENCE restaurants”??

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  1. ohamanda said,

    Fun, Mandi! Of course, Lydia probably would have been sobbing but…

    Did you get some ideas for E’s birthday party?

  2. Janna said,

    yeah, we are SO going there in July!!! I’m going to show this to Andrew – he’ll be excited! Thanks for posting this!

  3. Becky said,

    Jake loved it so much, so it caters to the 12 year old too!

  4. Tracey said,

    Looks like you all had a great time! We are hoping to head to Orlando next year and do lots of Disney!

  5. Storm said,

    What a fun restaurant.

  6. Holly said,

    That looks like great fun! Reading about all the food make me really hungry!

  7. IJ Styles said,

    ohhhhh.. foods.. getting hungry.. hehe.. lol : )

  8. The dinosaur party « it’s come to this … said,

    […] bags of sand, plastic toys & cheap paint brushes.  When we went to the T-Rex Cafe in Orlando earlier this summer, they used brushes with their sand – SO much better than shovels because it wasn’t near […]

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