The happiest place on earth

June 17, 2009 at 6:47 am (3 year olds, vacations, Wordless Wednesday) (, , )

… until it’s time to go home!

I love Mickey


  1. Staci E said,

    He looks pitiful:(

  2. Whitney said,

    All I can say is “awwww.”

  3. Katherine @ Mom Blog said,

    LOL that is soooo funny and so sad! My brother went and his neice had a total meltdown – face down on the ground kind of meltdwn. He said people literally came from behind bushes and trees, including a princess – and she talked to his daughter, got her happy, gave her passes for the front of the line, the whole nine yards – Disney did NOT want a little child screaming on the ground, so they came out and saved the day LOL! Thanks for the pic – it brought back nice memories!

  4. Staci A said,

    Poor thing! Going home is always the worst part!

  5. Jessica said,

    Hello there! What a sweet picture! : ) I would love to take Harbor to Disney someday… maybe around Christmas in a few years.

    The book was made online at They are incredible, and actually pretty affordable!

    Jessica : )

  6. staci said,

    Well if he’s not the most pitiful thing I’ve seen, I don’t know what is!! But look at the size of those fee! GAW!!!

  7. Alicia said,

    HAHAHA! Poor guy! that could be on a postcard for Disney!

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