Orlando family vacation

June 16, 2009 at 10:00 am (family, Top Ten Tuesday, vacations)

We just got back from our first “family of four” trip.  And although a family vacation with just mom, dad & the kids isn’t exactly a “vacation“, it was still alot of fun & we had a great time!  So, in order of occurrence here are the Top Ten Reasons I loved our family “vacation”:

1.  The “Are we there yet” questions.

2.  The Interactive Water Feature at our Resort – This was so fun!!  In addition to swimming pools, they had this super cool area!  Evan could run around, go up & down the slide, shoot cannons & dump buckets of water.  Plus it was all zero-entry so Megan could sit, crawl around & have a ball!!

Water Feature

3.  Playing Miniature Golf – Evan LOVES golf.  And by his standards he’s really, really good at it!!!  The resort had a great little course on site, so needless to say we definitely got our Tee-Time in!!

 Golf 1

4.  Dinner at the TRex Cafe in Downtown Disney.  Oh my goodness!!!  This was the coolest!!  It’s from the same people that brought us the Rainforest Cafe (another wonderful dining experience!!), but it’s all DINOSAURS!!!  I had no idea it existed, much less that a location was at Downtown Disney.  But if you have a little boy or girl that loves dinosaurs, then you must make this a priority during your next visit to Orlando or Kansas City (random location, yes).  There’s so much I could say about this … maybe I’ll do a whole post on it later.

TRex Cafe

 5.  A day at Magic Kingdom – well of course this was fun!  But oh, it was so incredibly hot too!!  At one point, our favorite attractions became what was ever inside!!  Evan had a really good time & Megan was a great little trooper!!  I’m not sure if Walt would be thrilled to know that when it was all said & done, Evan said his favorite rides were the Monorail & the trolley – but hey, he had fun in between too!!  Again, this could require a whole post of it’s own so hopefully that will come in the near future:).

The Castle

6.  Fishing – Evan & his daddy both enjoy fishing, so they made sure to carve out some time for fishing on the lakes.  This was usually during Megan’s nap time or while I was putting her down for the night, because fishing isn’t exactly on my personal “top ten”!


7.  Playing in the sand – typically this isn’t something I would like to do – far to sticky & messy for me, but it made for some cute pictures & it made both little ones happy.  Evan liked hiding his feet & hands in it & Megan liked to eat it!



8.  Watching Evan – it’s just fun when he’s having fun!


9.  Watching Megan – and it’s even more fun when she’s having fun too!!


10.  Coming back home to my own bed!  Oh, how nothing beats it!  Even on a great vacation, coming home is oh so nice too!!

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  1. Mary said,

    Very cute – this makes me long for the beach!

  2. everydayMOM said,

    Wow! That looks like an unbelievable vacation!

  3. Janna said,

    Oh what fun! I am so glad all of you had a great time!

    That water area looks beyond cool.

    I’ve thought about TRex, but I was afraid my 2yo would freak out. You think he’ll be okay?

    The heat. Ugh. I am so dreading our July Disney trip. Sad, huh?

    • It's Come To This said,

      Hey! If your 2yo likes dinosaurs at all then I really don’t think they’d be scared. There are “metorite” showers every 20mins – that’s when it gets a little dark & the dinosaurs growl, but it’s only about a minute long. Have they been to the Rainforest Cafe? Very similiar to that. Plus there’s a digging area … so after dinner 3yo got to dig for bones … he LOVED that!!

      OMG – it was so hot!!! It is nice though that enough rides are inside to cool you off!!

      Can’t wait to hear about all you do!!!

  4. Becky said,

    It looks fun! That water park looks cool- that’s one of the things I can’t wait to do when we go to West Palm. They have a whole water park like that.

    Ever since we went to Disney in September, I am spoiled- it’s not too hot, there are no crowds, plus the food is free! I don’t know if I could ever go in the summer again.

  5. Storm said,

    Cute kids. Looks like a fun vacation.

  6. Alicia said,

    Mandi, It looks like you guys had so much fun and everything went over smoothly! The water feauture at the pool looks awesome, and mini golf on site! WOW!
    The T-REX restuaraunt! I want to take Madison there! She would LOVE it! That looks like so much fun.I’m glad you guys had so much fuN!

  7. KAT said,

    What fun!
    Those kids of yours are getting cuter and cuter every day. (I don’t know how they are going to keep that up since they were stinkin’ cute to begin with!)

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