Are we there yet?

June 15, 2009 at 8:21 am (3 year olds, family, vacations)

“Are we there yet?” … Ah, The age-old question asked by most all kids at some point in their life.  And likely while strapped in the back of a station wagon, SUV, or mini-van with luggage around their feet & piled to the ceiling. 

Last week we began our roughly eight-hour journey down to Orlando.  Apparently, Evan’s either too young or his mind just doesn’t think in terms of “are we there yet”, but still the same point was made.   He was stuck in the carseat & he wanted to be out!  After being in the car for just a short time, I quickly realized I needed to grab a notebook & start taking notes!!  FYI – Evan thought “vacation” was actually “the cation” … so that’s what he called it all week!

9am – roll out!

9:27am – “Are we going on the-cation?”

9:38am – “Dad, I really want to go on the-cation!”

10:33am – “I want to go on the-cation.  Where is it?”

(we attempt to re-explain that “the cation” is in Florida)

10:44am – “Hey Mom.  I want to go to Florida.”

(we attempt to re-explain that while in Florida, we’ll see Mickey Mouse, go swimming & fishing, play putt-putt, etc.)

12:45pm – “Mom, I’m ready to catch the fish.”

1:58pm – “Mom, I want to catch the fish.”

(between 2 & 5pm, we stop for lunch, Evan watches a movie & naps in the car)

5:20pm – ” I WANT to GO FISHING!”

5:29pm – “Look Dad, there’s a lake.”

5:31pm – “Can we go fishing in that lake?  I want to go fishing Dad.  I want to go FISHING!”

5:34pm – “Dad.  I want to GET THERE!”

(at 6pm we stop to eat dinner, explain that we’re in Florida & just a few minutes from where we’re going to stay)

6:15pm – (Leaving the restaurant – Evan starts crying) “MOM … I want to stay here in Florida I don’t want to leave!!!”

(attempt to explain that Florida isn’t the restaurant … arrive at condo)

6:45pm – (After unloading all our luggage & snacks & Evan’s juice into the condo)  “Look Mom.  They have juice just like we do!!!”

10ish – (Trying to get Evan in bed) “I just don’t understand the-cation!!”

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