Top ten tuesday … things i just don’t do.

May 26, 2009 at 10:05 am (Top Ten Tuesday)

Over a couple occasions this weekend, I had to remind my husband that “i just don’t do that”.  So then I started thinking of all the things I just don’t do & then a post was created!  Dull & boring – maybe.  But it’s the day after a long Memorial Weekend & I’m not worth much more!  To top it all off, I’m putting it in the form of list – SO, in no particular order here are the Top Ten Things I Just Don’t Do!

1.  Clip the Kids’ Nails – from day one, this has just been one of those non-spoken “daddy things”.  He didn’t mind it, the kids (and me) got used to him doing it, so we’ve just continued.  There’s plenty of “mommy things”, so I don’t feel bad to say that “I’ve never once clipped their nails”. 

2.  Make Coffee – I don’t do it for my husband, never did it for my bosses & offering to make coffee to company in our home won’t even cross my mind!!  Probably because …

3.  I just don’t Drink Coffee – never have & at this point never will.  I hate to say “never”, but at this point I seriously doubt I’ll wake up one morning with Folgers in my cup!

4. Hang Pictures – Ok, on this one you may say I’m being a brat.  I mean honestly, everyone should be able to hang pictures – right?  I agree, but I think you need someone to tell you if you’re center & at the right height- I prefer to be that person!

5. Cook on Pampered Chef cookie sheets – I know, I know.  Most everyone agrees that they’re the best, but I hate feeling like they’re always dirty!!

6. Plant Flowers – I’m too insecure!  I know nothing – absolutely nothing – about plants.  I’d love to make a cute little outdoor potted plant arrangement like my neighbors, but I honestly don’t even know where to start!!  Is dirt different from soil?!?!

7. Use Drive Through Car Washes – This all goes back to when I was 16.  I tried to take my new cute little Honda Accord through the Drive-Through Wash one afternoon, but I was too far right.  I scraped the wheel up pretty good.  It shot my confidence on being able to drive through those things.  About 4 years later I decided to give it another shot.  This time, I made it through but the light went from “drive up more” to “thank you”.  Apparently, I didn’t stop right on cue!  I drove in & out without ever getting it washed!!!

8. Change Light Bulbs – Again, another “bratty” thing I’m sure.  But in our house, the covers are a pain to take off.  So we normally end up waiting until a couple are out (since they all seem to go at the same time anyways!) and then I make a list for my husband to go around!!

9.  Clean Hair out of my Brush – Don’t ask.  I have a true phobia of hair (once it’s off the head).  It makes me gag.  Seriously! 

10.  Clap to Music – I have absolutely no rhythm.  None.  What so ever.  For the life of me I cannot clap on beat, so I just don’t clap to music.  Sometimes the music moves me at church & I want to, but I don’t want to embarrass my husband too much!!!

So – what don’t you do?? 

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  1. Janna said,

    #5 – If you’re talking about the baking stones, you really don’t want to see mine! It rarely comes out of my oven…

    #7 – The last part made me laugh. That would be my luck! I don’t use them much now because they scare my younger son.

  2. Brandi said,

    I don’t hang pictures either. Actually, I don’t hammer at all. Or use tools really. :)

  3. Whitney said,

    I said I wouldn’t do #1. Last week, we were sitting on the back porch & little man was so content in his Bumbo that I grabbed the clippers & actually clipped his fingernails & toenails. It was a proud mama moment for me, especially because I only got his nails, no skin. =) I don’t have anything Pampered Chef, but you have made me curious now. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. unfinishedmom said,

    I don’t iron. I hate ironing. I buy clothes that don’t need ironing and leave it at that. If hubby needs a dress shirt ironed – he has to do it himself.

  5. Amanda - VintageDutchGirl said,

    Hee hee hee, thanks for sharing! The carwash story made me smile. Best stick to scrubbing your car in the driveway :)

  6. Christi said,

    I rarely change lightbulbs. I once mentioned to Hubby that the Lightbulb Fairy had been skipping our house. Almost immediately the bulbs were changed. So now I just mention it is time for a visit from the Lightbulb Fairy and they get magically changed. Since he switched to the flourecent bulbs, they haven’t needed changing as often though.

    I won’t learn to start the lawnmower. I don’t mind pushing it – like when Hubby’s foot was hurt – but I will not learn to start it. Once you start the mower, it is your job.

    Oh, I found you through Oh Amanda’s blog

  7. Storm said,

    Interesting topic for Top Ten Tuesday. Hmmm… now I have to think of things *I* don’t do. : )

  8. wherelifebecomesart said,

    #9 cracked me up! I love your list!

  9. Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said,

    How funny! I stopped by after seeing you on twitter and I HAD to comment on you rlist because we have so many items that are the same!
    #1 – same
    #2 – same
    #3 – only in the form of flavored lattes,etc.
    #4 – same
    #5 – sometimes
    #6 – same
    #7 – same
    #8 – same
    #9 – same, but due to laziness
    #10 – same but because of growing up not clapping so it’s uncomfortable

    LOL – crazy!! Thanks for the fun!

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