In honor of memorial day

May 22, 2009 at 11:36 pm (Memorial Day)

James Boyd Brown

I have a great respect for men & women that serve our country – those that were drafted & didn’t have a choice & then those that sign up on their own.   I still get chills when the National Anthem is played or when a big crowd is saying the Pledge of Allegiance all at the same time.  I love when our veterans are honored like this weekend … when standing ovations are given at churches & in parades.  I love when airlines give recognition to soldiers as they’re onboard flights … but I hate to find out when they’re going instead of coming because I know they’re leaving loved ones.  

We just received a call from one of my husband’s best high school buds.  It was his “good-bye … talk to you in 3months call”.  He serves in the Navy & is leaving for a 96-day submarine mission.  Thankfully, he’s not intended to be in harms way but he’s got to know when he signed up that it’s always a possibility.  This is normal to him – he’s home on rotation.  In a sub for a few months, then out of a sub for a few months.  Then I think about his wife.  And the sacrifices that she’s making by default.  They have a brand new baby at home.  She’ll raise her for the next 3-months without the help of her husband.  Instead of a one-month old, he’ll come home to a 4-month old. 

My late grandfather (pictured above) is one of those brave men that served our country … I unfortunately never met him, but still I’m very proud of him.  I’m so thankful to each & every individual that has served & is serving because I flat out wouldn’t have the guts to do it, but I absolutely appreciate every freedom their service has given me & my family




  1. Holly said,

    I like this post. I hope your brother’s friend will be all right.

  2. Holly said,

    * Sorry, I mean husband’s friend! I did READ this post, but for some reason was thinking of “brother’ instead!? o.O

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