The one about mother’s day

May 20, 2009 at 11:46 am (Megan) (, )

I’m sure you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat my Mother’s Day post – ha!!  I was clearing pictures of my camera & realized I never wrote anything.  It was a great Mother’s Day.  We actually had Megan dedicated at our church that morning.  It was simple but yet very sweet.  For us, a Child Dedications is more of a commitment of us (her parents) to raise her in a Godly home, give her the tools & understanding of Jesus & his love so that when she’s older she can make her own decision to follow Christ.  The church gave us a letter, written by the lead pastor.  It’s in a sealed envelope & addressed to Megan.  We’re to give it to her once she accepts Jesus into her life – whether that’s in 6 years, 12 years, 30 years or more.  So that she’ll know that on that day, May 10th 2009, her parents, her family, & her church made a commitment to show her Jesus & prayed for her day of salvation to come!!  That’s very exciting to me!  Now if I can just put it somewhere safe & then remember where I put it when that day comes around!!

After the church service & dedication, we had both of our families over for lunch.  I was really hoping for a good family picture.  And by good, I just mean one where we’re all kind-of, sort-of, looking at the camera with something that might resemble a smile & if I’m being pickey then I want to look half-way thin in it too!!  I guess I’ll have to settle with these!





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  1. AmyG said,

    Great family pictures!

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