Top ten tuesday … must haves for a 2009 mom

May 18, 2009 at 11:09 pm (Top Ten Tuesday)

It’s a fact that this list must change for every generation.  In fact, as technology changes & the ages of my children changes, I have a feeling that “my list” will change several times over the years.  But since retiring my working clothes when Megan was born in August of last year, I’m learning that I need the below items in my life!  So in no particular order, the top ten “must haves” for a 2009 mom … or at least this mom:

1.  a blog– there’s a thousand and one reasons why people write on their blogs, for me … it came to this.

2.  a facebook account – what better way to waste time & find out what ever happened to the popular cheerleader, plus now you can actually be her “friend”!

3.  a twitter account – because really, everyone is doing it!

4.  a vlog– just when you thought a blog was good enough, someone decided it would be better see you move & hear you talk!

5.  a computer– to keep up with all of the above, of course!  And preferably you need a laptop because more than likely you’re chasing a child or two in between tweets & posts!  My little laptop is one thing I still miss not having from my job:(.

6.  smart phone – to keep up with all of the above when you’re not by your computer, of course!

7.  a playgroup – either for you or for the kids!

8.  a digital camera – you may never have any prints, but you’ll more than likely get every important moment … and plenty of the not-so-important ones either!

9. a BIG suv – oh, I love my 4Runner, but after two car-seats & a stroller it’s not good for much else!!  The thought of a super long SUV scares me, but the mini-van still scares me more!

10.  some me time – when you tell you’re husband you’re ready to go back to work … you know it’s time for a little “me time”!

So, what have I missed.  What’s on your “must-have” list?? 

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  1. Janna said,

    Oh, #8! Thank God that SD memory cards have gotten so cheap! Now I don’t even have to download to CD – I can just collect cards! And print out what I want,,,when I want…whenever that may be.

  2. Rebekah said,

    Mandi that is a great list!! Love #1-6!!

  3. AmyG said,

    I doubt I’ll ever vlog… but I love looking at other vlogs. I have no clue what a smart phone is… is that bad? lol

  4. It's Come To This said,

    Janna – I’ve never thought about filing the cards away … what a great idea!!
    Amy – I don’t see myself vlogging either! I guess I didn’t exactly clarify which ones I have & don’t have!!! I still hate adding pics of myself in posts … and still rarely do … can’t imagine posting a video of me on purpose!!!

  5. Rachel said,

    I think I’m a little too nervous or self conscious to do a vlog. Maybe someday. It could be fun if I was in a group doing it. Could be fun!

  6. Heather @ Domestic Extraordinaire said,

    I say an ipod so you can tune out those whom may need tuning out! LOL.

    I love my mini van-it is great on gas and you don’t have to fold down seats to get into the back of it. Altho my girlfriend swears by her Expedition. She loves that sucker! I had to drive it once and it scared the heck outta me.

    Great list!

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