Procrastination at its worst

May 11, 2009 at 10:14 am (baby girl, Megan, painting) (, )

Tomorrow will be exactly 9 months – NINE months since I wrote this post.  In it, I wrote:

I still need artwork & window treatments, but this is probably all that will be done before she comes home.  The big “moon” above her bed is still up for debate.  The plan was to put her monogram inside, but that’s hard to do without a name!!  Right now I don’t like it, so we’ll have to see what it looks like after the monogram & then it will either stay or go. 

NINE MONTHS!  That’s long enough to carry a child full-term or to complete an entire grade in school, but apparently it’s not long enough to buy artwork & window treatments – much less hang them!  And it’s not long enough to get rid of the big moon that I still don’t like – monogram or not.  Because you guessed it, this is what her room still looks like:

My goodness, my baby girl will be ONE in just three months.  At this rate, she’s going to outgrow her room before I get it finished!!  And let’s not even get started talking about framed pictures & baby books.  Because if we did, I’d have to admit that she’s only in one framed picture in the entire house & that her baby book is a far cry from a baby book. 

So, please help me feel better & tell me what you procrastinate with (especially if it’s as long as I!!), or just leave me some comment love & tell me I’m horrible for still not finishing her room!!!



  1. Jen said,

    I’m a definate procrasinater. I have had 8 weeks to pack my house to move. Now I’m down to 3 and really feeling the crunch. Am I packing? Guess…
    I’m on farmtown on facebook.

  2. AmyG said,

    At the moment, I can’t think of a story to share with you, but I’m always putting things off. Oh, actually, just thought of something. Someone had given me clothes for Olivia, but they were to big, so I packed them up, in a box, until it came time for her to wear them. As the time got closer, I kept telling myself I needed to get that box out. By the time I actually got it out… she was to big for several items. And they were really cute clothes, that I never got to see her in… that’s what I get for waiting, lol!

  3. KAT said,

    Humm…I wonder what else you have had to deal with for the last 9 months? Oh! Maybe the baby herself? And maybe her older brother, too! Not to mention soccer practice, doctors appointments, family functions, school for Evan, being a wonderful wife, garage sales, and Square Peg board meetings! Give yourself a break, lady!
    I like her room the way it is, btw….

  4. In That Moment said,

    I would love to make some wall decor for your little girl’s room!! Found your blog through VanderbiltWife as she is my friend!! I make custom wooden letters. Please check them out at my Etsy store: And there is some cute little girl clothing there as well! Don’t worry it took a while for us to finish Little Man’s room. I do think he was 9 months when we finished!

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