Where everybody knows your name

May 6, 2009 at 11:07 pm (Evan, random)

I try my absolute hardest NOT to attempt anything productive out in public with both kids in tow.  I just don’t have a good feeling about it yet.  I’m still trying to master the “there’s now two of them syndrome”.  And anytime I do actually try it & feel pretty good about it, I’ll walk out of the store as someone with FIVE kids is walking in … and there goes my “look at me, I did it attitude”!

Yesterday was one of those days that I just “had” to get out & run into two stores really quickly!  I purchased a double stroller but returned it after putting it together and thinking I was wheeling a school bus, so I’m basically left with pushing Megan & expecting Evan to walk – the “expecting” is always the problem!!  Evan doesn’t walk.  Evan doesn’t listen.  We’re working on that, but right now it’s an issue!!

So while in those two stores, Evan decided to take the line from the classic “Cheers” jingle to heart!  Before we could get paid & out … “everybody knew his name”!!

So – how do you mothers of two (or lord help me, more) take two kids to the store – think mall, not grocery.  There are no carts to throw him into!  I ended up putting Evan in the stroller & carrying Megan in the Baby Bijorn … contained & confined boundaries worked ALOT better!!

But he sure does make a cute little cowboy … a rascal of one though, that’s for sure!!




  1. KAT said,

    I know that has got to be so hard, but OH HE IS THE CUTEST!

  2. Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said,

    Hey! I didn’t have an email address for you, but Amanda told me you lived here in Atlanta. I’m hosting a picnic sponsored by Hebrew National hot dogs on Saturday from 5-8 in Cumming. It’s going to be lots of fun – plenty of food and fun for the kids! If you’re available, please shoot me a note at dawn (at) myhomesweethomeonline (dot) net and I’ll send you all the details. :-)

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