Top ten tuesday … mother’s day gifts

May 5, 2009 at 8:59 pm (Top Ten Tuesday) ()


A couple things I wish for this upcoming Mother’s Day Weekend:

1.  Good Weather for the RACE for the CURE!  It’s been raining SO incredibly much here recently.  Hopefully it will stop by Saturday AM.  I’m walking with the Sisterchicks , our Moms & Megan will join me this year too.  It won’t be fun to walk in the rain … especially walk in the rain with an 8-month old!!  So here’s hoping for good weather!

2.  My parent’s closing!  They’re supposed to close on the sale of my childhood home (sniff) this Thursday.  It’d be an early Mother’s (and earlier Father’s) Day Present for my parents if everything goes smoothly & as planned.   It will be sad but also really good.  They have about a month after they close to move out, so we’ll still have some memories to make!

3.  Evan’s last Soccer Game & Awards!  I’ll miss it because of the race (sniff, sniff), but I hope he has fun … and that he’s good with Daddy for the day!


4.  A manicure & pedicure … it’s past time & would definitely be nice!

5.  An extra hour or two of sleep!   It’s been a rough week.  I’m selfish, what can I say!

6.  A good day for Megan’s Dedication!   She’ll be dedicated at our church this Sunday.  It has a lot of significance to me as we publicly say we’ll raise her as not only our daughter but also give her everything she needs to be God’s daughter & ultimately make that decision to have him in her heart!  We’ll also have both families over for lunch, so that’s always fun too!

7.  An adorable “Mommy Necklace” … maybe one like this:

TWO Charms in One Custom Hand Stamped Sterling Name Necklace

8.  Enough time to get a massage.  My husband won’t even have to pay for it … I have a birthday gift certificate I still haven’t used.  If I can just find the time to use it!

9.  Some clothes’ money!  Lord help me, I’m in desperate need of help from “What Not to Wear”.  I’m certain they’ve been following me for a few months (ok years)!

10.  Healthy kids!  I know I grumble about doc visits & ear infections, but relatively speaking my kids are happy & healthy and of course I hope it stays that way.  Since having my blog & reading others’ blogs more often, my heart aches for so many innocent children that are sick with things I’ve never even heard of or thought of!  Sometimes I just have to say enough & turn things off because it hurts too much.  This Mother’s Day, I’ll have two women in my heart that have had a tough year – Jonah’s Mother lost her first child before birth at 37 weeks.  Jonah was born earlier this year with a very rare skin condition (EB).  He has blisters all over & he has a tough road ahead, but he is so adorable.  She writes with sincere honesty & always a touch of wit & humor.  Her days definitely put my “tough days” into perspective.  There’s also Cora’s Mother, she lost her only daughter Cora to cancer just before her 1st birthday earlier this year.  She had only been diagnosed for about 2 weeks before she died.  She’s going through alot of “firsts”, but I can only imagine how tough this first Mother’s Day without her baby will be!

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  1. Rebekah said,

    Mandi I hope all those things come true for you for mother’s day! I love how Church’s do dedications on Mother’s Day, so sweet and significant!

  2. Janna said,

    What a great list! Our Race for the Cure isn’t until June but I will definitely be hoping for great weather then!

  3. ohamanda said,

    Great list, Mandi! Especially #10. You’re right. So much to be thankful for! Praying for Jonah & Cora’s mommies.

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