The wrong accessory

April 30, 2009 at 9:23 pm (random) (, )

For the last couple of months my knee has been making a horrible “snap, crackle, pop” noise every time I bend my knee or step up a step (how do you say that – not every step, but every time I climb up a step … I don’t know step up a step just sounds more complicated than what I’m trying to say … oh wow … that probably made it much more complicated!).

Anyhow, it doesn’t really hurt it just sounds horrible.  I just wanted to make sure it was doing damage by walking around like that & more specifically it was driving my husband absolutely crazy!!!  So to appease him & basically shut him up I scheduled an appointment with an Orthopedic. 

Apparently he’s a really good Orthopedic or there’s just a lot of messed up people around my parts, because it took 3 months for his first available appointment!   So finally, the day of my appointment rolls around.  I was able to pawn Evan off, but Megan was stuck with me.  As I check in, the receptionist explains that they’ve been incredibly busy today and are running about 45 minutes behind – forty. five. minutes. behind – oh my word (with Megan in my arms)! 

We settle in nicely & I begin to look around.  I quickly notice the majority of those waiting with me have canes, not babies!  Or they’re in super short shorts with knee braces from their cheerleading falls, not (like me)  in what they probably consider “mom jeans”.  A baby is not a common accessory in an Orthopedic waiting room!!  Anyhow, the good news is that old people love babies & my baby seems to like old people so Megan did great all 60+ minutes in the waiting room – oh my word (with Megan still in my arms)!

I finally get called back & after some quick XRays and a total of One Hour & Thirty-One Minutes after checking in we finally get to see the Dr.  I would have rounded it to “an hour & a half”, but I didn’t want to discredit that additional minute of waiting!!!

At this point, I wanted him to tell me my knee was in “horrible condition”, “it’s a good thing you came in when you did”, “its’ pretty severe”, etc. etc. but I got nothin’.  Basically he gave me a sheet of “exercises” to do once a day so I can strengthen the muscles around my knee.  But he gave me absolutely nothing to make me feel better about a $55 co-pay, ninety-one minutes of my life, and a snappy doctor that at one point during his “prognosis” the phrase “yeah that’d be a good idea because I didn’t sit out in your waiting room for an hour & a half for that” came out of my mouth (don’t worry Dad – I didn’t tell him you referred me!!).

Doctors & Dr Offices … gotta love em!  Oh, and that exercise sheet … it’s still in the floorboard of my car!


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  1. AmyG said,

    Man, that stinks! Nothing worse than waiting forever, for pretty much nothing. I hope your knee feels better!

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