The big spring contest at dad blogs

April 20, 2009 at 8:15 pm (contest) ()

The other day I was visiting My Life as a Trailer Park Mom & got the scoop from her on an incredibly awesome contest that Dad Blogs is having.  It’s their “Big Spring Contest” in connection with Kid’s Creation – makers of quality redwood swing sets.  And guess what they’re giving away – a swing set!!  An entire quality redwood swing set!!!  It’s called the Three Ring Adventure & retails for $4995.00.  As in 4-THOUSAND-nine-HUNDRED-and-NINETY-five-DOLLARS!!!!  And they’ll ship it to the winner for free!!!  They believe in the quality of their work so much that their sets come with a lifetime gaurantee!! 


Isn’t that an incredible contest???  And if that weren’t enough (which if you won it, it should totally be enough!), they’re also including a Canon Powershot Digital Elf so you can tons of pics of the little ones on the new playset!!! 


My three-year old (like most others) absolutely LOVES to be outside!!  And he LOVES a good playground.  I think his favorites would be the rock climbing wall, the fort-thingy up top & of course the 10′ wave slide.  It’d be fine with me if he doesn’t dig the swing too much only because he still doesn’t have the hang of that down & it gets old for the pusher WAY before it gets old for the swinger!!!  When I think about my childhood playgrounds, I immediately think – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!  How could huge metal see-saws be safe?  Or super-sized tire swings?  We’ll the tire swing wasn’t.  My sister sent my flying off & I flew threw the dirt, bushes & had scrapes & bruises all over me!!  Thankfully for my children, playground makers have come a LONG way!!!

So go check out Kid’s Creations & then go check out Dad Blogs for your chance to win … but hurry, you only have a few hours left!!  Entries must be in by end of day EST on 4/21!  And also don’t forget to check out Amy at My Life as a Trailer Park Mom … she’s alot of fun!


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  1. AmyG said,

    Good luck!! If you win, can we come over & play!? LOL

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