Top ten tuesday … things to do when you mess up your back.

April 7, 2009 at 7:48 am (random, Top Ten Tuesday) ()

We’ll I’m still recovering from my “weekend mishap“.  But I’ve learned a few things about what to do when you hurt your back.  I didn’t learn my lesson the first time this happened (I was about 5 mths pregnant with Evan at the time), but maybe I’ll pick up on the clues after this go around!

      1.  If your back starts to hurt & progressively gets worse quickly … don’t try to lift a heavy box off the ground.

     2.  Ice it!  Although the thought of a nice warm heating pad sure does sound good & will most certainly feel better at that particular moment, ice is your friend!  If you have an inflammed nerve or something the heat will only make it worse!  Right now, I have a love/hate relationship with ice!

     3.  Let your parents keep the children for the night!  Thanks Gami & Papa!

     4.  Go ahead and have a small cup of your favorite ice-cream, even if it’s not on your diet … it just might make you feel better!!  By the way, mine was Mint Chocolate Chip – the green kind from Mayfield!

     5.  Go to the Chiropractor.  Sure some say go & some say don’t, but even with the popping noises oh it felt so good!

     6.  Don’t try to exercise to soon.  After all, it’s probably one of the culprits that put you in this situation!

     7.  Don’t try to pick up 7mth old from the crib.  See number 6 … I’m sure this one had something to do with it too!

     8.  And by all means, certainly don’t even think about picking up the 40lb 3-yr old!!!  Without question this had something to do with it!

     9.  Make sure you put a towel under all the icepacks … one just might leak, and probably will!

     10.  Take advantage of it!!  Make a hence or whine every now & then … you just might get out of dishes, cooking, diaper duty & so on!  

But that last one I’m not speaking from experience – honest!!


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  1. Rebekah said,

    Mandi I hope that you are feeling better. I’m with you on the ice. I would much rather use the heating pad than the ice!!

  2. AmyG said,

    Aww… I hope your back gets to feeling better!!! Great tips, by the way!

  3. TCKK said,

    Love the chiropractor!!!!! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Erin B said,

    I have done that so many times…its horrible. I hope its better fo ryou!

  5. ohamanda said,

    Oh, Mandi! I’m so sad for you. How hard! But #10 does sound kinda nice…

  6. Janna said,

    Oh, I hope your back feels better!

  7. Becky said,

    Alternating heat and ice does work though! Plus, then you get extra bubble baths!

  8. Becky said,

    My back was sore all day and about 2 hours ago I was going up the stairs…pop…out it went. I may have to use your list!

  9. Will Blog For Shoes said,

    Oh my — the lifting of the kids is just about to do my back in! I’ll be bookmarking this list because I feel I’ll need it in the near future!

  10. KAT said,

    Oh Mandi! I’m just now reading this! Sheesh!

  11. Jen said,

    ooooohhh, I know about back trouble. Wish I didn’t. Thanks to my Daddy and his bad back genes. He has taught me useful exercises, though.
    Lie on your bed (the floor is just too painful.)
    Roll hips so that the curve of your back is flat against bed.
    Reverse, roll hips forward as far as you can.
    This helps strengthen/relax those muscles that are so persnickety.
    I also use the golfer’s pick up. Hold on to a counter and swing one leg (straight) out while bending at the waist. It keeps the back from doing whatever it does that hurts when you bend over.
    These are probably a little late, but always useful to have in your arsenal.

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    […] Top Ten Tuesday (Things To Do When You Mess Up Your Back) ~ The one where I complain about my back hurting.  The search terms on this one always crack me up!!  Poor […]

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