Top ten tuesday … fashions i just don’t understand

March 31, 2009 at 11:05 am (Top Ten Tuesday) (, )

Ok, so several of these I even participated in at one time or another but that still doesn’t mean I understand them!!  And I will provide the disclaimer that I’m not that trendy, not that fashionable & am in desperate need of some help from “What Not To Wear”, but still …

1.  Make-Up on Men – Mascara! Nailpolish!  Eyeliner!  I mean maybe, MAYBE, if you’re a rock star.  But even then, you need to really BE a rockstar, not a wanna be rockstar!

2.  Skinnny Jeans  – do they look good on anyone?!  And if you have to buy your skinny jeans in anything other than a size 2 then you don’t need skinny jeans!!!  Now my sister would claim that you do need skinny jeans for certain boots … that makes a little sense to me.  But otherwise, I think most people should just stay away from them!!

3.  Skinny Jeans on Men – enough said.

4.  Tank Tops with Scarves – this is actually the one that made me think of this Top Ten List.  A mother dropping off her son at preschool had this on this morning.  Is this in style?  Shouldn’t you just go for one or the other??

5.  Ugg Boots & Dresses – similiar to the aforementioned tank & scarf … isn’t this a total contrast of seasons!  Maybe it’s appropriate right now since it’s Spring but feels like 30 degrees in the mornings.  A lady was wearing this combo at church yesterday … I don’t get it!

6.  Tight Rolled Pants – yes, I participated in this during middle school, maybe elementary … I’m not exactly remembering correctly.  I know it was around for a little while.  I’m sure it will come back in time for Megan or Evan to join in the fad!

7.  Tight Rolled Shirt Sleeves – as if the pants weren’t enough!

8.  Big Shirts – Did you remember wearing T-shirts 3 sizes too big for you??  I unfortunately do!

9.  Shana Sands’ Shoes (note:  this was NOT a halloween outfit!)

Shauna Sand

10.  Help me out – what fashion trends do you just not get?

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  1. Rebekah said,

    I have to agree with all those trends, I just don’t get it. If I’m not mistaken for awhile weren’t people wearing skirts over their pants??

  2. Buffie said,

    I once saw a man that had his fishnet underpants showing (he was wearing low riding jeans). Where does someone even find fishnet underpants? Please no one answer that because I don’t really want to know. I’m still freaked out by it.

  3. Janna said,

    I agree with your entire list. #2 really cracked me up!

  4. ohamanda said,

    Tight rolling. EW. I heard someone was tight rolling again—Katie Holmes maybe? Ew.

    Anyway, my least favorite trend now are those big long flowy dresses—not sure what they are called. Old Navy has a ton. But they look so comfy and like they’d hide any figure flaws. Alas, not the case.

  5. Erin B said,

    tightroll! ugh!

  6. TCKK said,

    I think you did a good job at picking them out!!!! Fun post

  7. AmyG said,

    LOL, tight rolling your pants.. I did that, in middle & highschool. And I’ll embarrassingly admit that I did it to my 7 yr old’s pants the other day! hahaha!

  8. staci said,

    Well, this list just shows the difference between us!! I have to say that I like #2 (with the boots that you mentioned and I as I was playing around with them, I found out that I like them folded up like long capris with flops. so cute!!) I also like #4 and #5. I can’t really pull them off, but I like them.

    I agree on the other stuff though :)

  9. joyfulnotes said,

    Good ones!!! I don’t get any fashion trend that looks UNCOMFORTABLE, like mini-mini skirts with those tight boots that come up to the thigh. WHY would you want to wear that? Just thinking of it makes my legs sweat! :)

  10. KAT said,

    Those boots are insane! How did she walk in them???????????????

  11. Fiona said,

    I’m with you on the skinny jeans for sure – although I do have one friend that looks good in them. I think she weighs five pounds though.
    Things I don’t get:
    crocs – crocs are for kids.
    long sleeved tops where just the shoulders are cut out.
    daisy dukes

  12. Sarah (Real Life) said,

    HEy, I HAVE those shoes! j/k! Skinny jeans on men – just wrong!

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  15. Migraine Relief : said,

    my girlfriend is very skinny that is why she likes skinny jeans and tight fitting trousers _

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