Welcome to the party

March 20, 2009 at 10:19 am (blogging, Ultimate Blog Party) (, )

I love a good party – both throwing them & going to them!  But the Ultimate Blog Party is the best of both worlds …

          1.  You can go to multiple parties at once.

          2.  You don’t have to worry about what to wear.

          3.  You don’t have to worry about eating too much.

          4.  No worries about driving home too late.

          5.  And best of all – NO clean-up involved!!!

 Now if this were a “real-life” party, you’d be making a trip to Atlanta & I’d be cleaning up toys from my 3 year old son – Evan, bottles from my 7 mth old daughter – Megan & dishes that rarely find their way to the dishwasher from my husband!


I’d probably greet you with a hug because I tend to hug my friends hello!


I’d of course offer you something really yummy to eat.  And then we’d chit-chat for a bit.  Since you can’t talk back right now, I guess I’ll do all the talking.  My name is Mandi & I live in Georgia with my husband & two young children.  I have the joy (sometimes more & sometimes less) of staying at home with them.  I typically blog about my children, my family, my sisterchicks & a little of this/a little of that.

I started this blog originally because of my girlfriends … aka … Sisterchicks.



All (but one of) my Sisterchicks had a blog and so in order to know what was going on in their lives & for them to know what was going on in my life “It Came To This“. 

I know you’ve got a lot of party hopping to do, but before you leave we certainly don’t want to forget the door prizes!!!

I’m number 116 on the list.  You most definitely want to check it out!!  I wrote a longer post about it here.  And if you’re looking to shed some pounds, I think you’ll like it as much as I have!   After having my second child, I was ready to lose some weight!!  And I was really lucky to find a wonderful LIFE plan – Joy’s LIFE Diet:  Four Steps to Thin Forever!  It’s writen so well that it’s easy to follow & the results start quickly so you want to keep following it!!  Since January 4th, I’ve lost 20lbs … and going:). 

So, be sure to leave a comment at the UBP Post for your chance to win #116 … and also, leave a comment here *just in case* I happen to have another copy to give away;).  Plus, I’d love to hear from you so I can visit your party too!

Happy Party Hopping!



  1. AmyG said,

    Sounds like a great book & that it’s working for you! Congrats on the loss of those 20 pounds! Definitely something I’d be interested in. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Laura said,

    Cute post!! And 20-lbs since january is a feat indeed!! You go, chicky!!

  3. Cassie said,

    Good for you for losing 20 lbs…that is my goal right now! I definitely need to find out what those four steps are!

  4. toney said,

    Visiting after a tip from Amanda. :) Sounds like a great resource for permanently changing your lifestyle! I’m off to look it up! Easy is always good, too…;-)

  5. jubilee said,

    Welcome to the blogging world! It’s awesome, as I am sure you’ve found out. I am interested in your book too. 20 lbs since Jan?! Way to go! That is awesome.

  6. Alene said,

    Great to meet you and the Sisterchicks! I’m having a PJ party. Isn’t this great? Party on girl. Love you site. I feel so welcome.

  7. Lisa P said,

    Wow that much weight loss in a short time I would love to read that! Come visit me im #145

  8. Linda said,

    Great blog!

    Glad to have met you at the blog party… why don’t you come over to my kitchen at Cooking Tip of the Day … pour yourself a cup of coffee and we can chat there too..

    Linda from Cooking Tip of the Day (#150) http://cookingtipoftheday.blogspot.com/

  9. bee said,

    Great to “meet” you, though I’ve seen your pics a bazillion times at OhAmanda! I’m thinking I’m going to give that book a try! I’ve actually gone in the OPPOSITE direction since giving birth 7 1/2 months ago!!

  10. Rhea said,

    Hello. Just passing through to check out the party!! I hope you have a great week and win some prizes.

  11. jodifur said,

    I’m party hopping! Hope to see you at my party!

  12. Jen L. said,

    Hi, Mandi! Found you on UBP. Great blog! I’m a southerner, too. Happy blogging!

  13. Summer said,

    I enjoyed reading your post! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  14. Amy said,

    Aw, thanks for the {hug}! Lol! You are adorable as you are. Your kiddos are too cute! Have a great bloggy party!

  15. Nicole Feliciano said,

    I’m partying too~ While I’m checking out blogs, I’m sharing the news that I have $1200 worth of giveaways up and running. Here is the latest:


  16. Amy said,

    Hi Mandi! Nice to “meet” you! off to check out the rest of your blog. i’m giving away a prize over at the UBP also. mine’s #39 – the perpetual birthday calendar and tin full of cards.

  17. Amber@mamasmiracles said,

    What a great idea for a giveaway! :) Loved reading about the reason you started your blog! Such a nice tool to keep up with other people’s lives…or even our own!
    Swing on by my blog if you get the chance!
    Miracles on Mama Street


  18. Shannon H said,

    I’m party-hopping, it’s nice to meet you, I think we’d get along great as I also have a 3-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter. Alas, I don’t have a blog, but I may start following yours. And thanks for the tip about the book, I’m carrying 10 pounds I can’t seem to part with. Thanks!

  19. Nell @ Casual Friday Every Day said,

    Hi there! Nice to meet you. I’m here from the UBP and I look forward to getting to know you more this week.


  20. Jamie said,

    LOVE the title of your blog! Isn’t that so true?? When we have kids…this is the best way of communication. I lived in GA for almost ten years – Cumming, Gainesville, Dawsonville…then circumstances brought me back home to Alabama…and while I love being near family, boy do I miss my North Georgia Premium Outlets!! I lived in a subdivision behind them…like…I was there everyday…hahaha! :)

    Happy Partying!

    P.S. Your children are absolutely adorable!! And don’t worry, no husband cleans up dishes…well…mine doesn’t anyway! ;)

  21. Becky said,

    I love your party post, I love being your sisterchick and I want to win your book!

  22. JamericanSpice said,

    Nice to meet you!

    Talk about a party!

    I’m quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

    Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

  23. Christina said,

    Your photo reaching out to give a hug, dressed in that beautiful blue, is lovely! This is my first UBP and I’m having fun seeing so many new sites. Currently I’m not a blogger but instead an avid blog reader, because I do a lot of writing in my professional work. When I saw the name of your site I thought of the Leonard Cohen song that has that line as the chorus, followed with, “And wasn’t it a long way down”, although for the life of me I can’t remember the song title right now!

  24. Jenn said,

    Stopping over from UBP and wanted to say Hello! Love your blog! I need to lose a few pounds myself… ugh… bathing suit season is coming! Have a great party!

  25. Sheila said,

    Love your blog! I’ll for sure be back to check it our some more!!

    Stop by “my place” when you get the chance! happy blogging!

  26. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said,

    Welcome to the party! I hope you are enjoying it so far.

  27. Jessica Price said,

  28. Baba said,

    Hi! Party hopping and participating so stop in for a visit.

  29. superfunmama said,

    Hi, I’m stopping over as part of my party blog hopping. It is very nice to meet you and your blog. I have a toddler learning/fun activity site at http://www.superfunmama.blogspot.com; I’d love to have you come visit sometime. Have a magical day!

  30. Kara-Noel said,

    I would love love love to win that book! Love your party :)
    Laughing about not worrying what to wear because I have PJ bottoms on!!

  31. It Feels Like Chaos said,

    Just stopping over from UBP. What cute kids! Nice to meet you!

  32. Deborah said,

    Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


    I want to invite you to the Mommie Daze Virtual Baby Shower that I am hosting May 15 to June 8. This is an international even and there are prizes! Stop by my blog for all the details.

  33. carma said,

    stopping by from UBP to say “hi” – I’d love for you to check out my blog, too if you get a chance :-)

  34. Top ten tuesday … posts of 2009 « it’s come to this … said,

    […] Welcome to the Party ~ The one where I link up to the Ultimate Blog […]

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