Top ten tuesday … things i should be doing instead of this post

March 10, 2009 at 7:28 am (blogging, Top Ten Tuesday)


Like most people (that’s what I keep telling myself anyways), I get lost online.  One page leads to another, which leads to another.   I think I need to start setting a timer & shut it down at the ding – but that would be boring!!  So here’s what I should be doing instead of doing what it is I’m doing right now:).

1.  Paying the bills (that’s why I sat down at the computer anyways!!).

2.  Laundry – boring!

3. Prepping dinner – it makes dinner time so much easier, but it’s so hard to spend “nap time” on something other than “me time”.

4. Filing papers – the “to be filed” stack is getting to be a little too much!

5.  Cleaning out – I’m in desperate need of space.  I’m hoping to have a garage sale later this month … the work that goes into that always sneaks up on me so I need to start now!

6.  Checking Facebook Statuses – ok, I guess this doesn’t fall under the category of “should be doing”, but what if I miss something!?!?

7.  Organizing Pictures – I need to sort my digital pics.  Too many of them are in a random folder … poor Megan’s totally getting the 2nd child syndrom.  I need to actually print a couple too so there’ll be a picture or two of her hanging around the house!!

8. Cleaning out the bathroom cabinets – this one has been driving me crazy for weeks, but not yet enough to actually do it!

9. Getting Evan ready for school – somedays this is so smooth & other days, boy oh boy!

10.  Waking Megan up – I’ve checked on her twice already because 8:30 is closer to her first nap rather than the time she actually wakes up!!

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Definitely not the happiest place on earth

March 10, 2009 at 7:11 am (Dr visits, Megan) ()

Tomorrow we take Megan to the Neurosurgeon.  I’m really not that nervous about it; however at the same time the Neurosurgeon is just not one of those places that you want to take your little baby.  Even if you don’t know where you’re going, you can tell what kind of Dr’s office you’re in once you walk in there.  You definitely see some sad cases!

We had to take Evan there when he was about 3months.  There was concern that he had craniosynostosis – where the plates of the head are already together at birth.  They had to do an CTscan to rule it either in or out.  Fortunately it was ruled out. 

The pediatrician asked us to take Megan there because there’s concern that her head is growing too fast.  The growth should make a nice plot & grow on an arch; however, her plot is starting to go straight up – an indication that’s it’s growing too fast.  The pediatrician has already admitted though that it’s a tough measurement.  You’re talking about taking a tape measure around a wiggling infant’s head.  If there was a mark on their head that said “measure here” each time, it might be a little easier – but just being a tiny bit off from one measurement to the next one a couple months later & it could raise a flag for concern.

So if you think about it, just say a little prayer for us tomorrow.  For me, a good appointment would mean I’m upset we had to waste a stinkin’ co-pay payment :)

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