The oscars

February 23, 2009 at 4:50 pm (fashion) ()

So I don’t get that into the Oscars.  It’s usually a bunch of movies that I didn’t see & likely don’t have any plans of seeing, but of course I still watch.  Some live, but the majority via DVR.  I just want to be able to fast forward to the winners, watch the good acceptance speeches, fast forward through the bad  ones.  You know the drill.  I wonder if anyone actually watches all 5 hours of the thing anymore anyways?!

So some of my favorite moments – the whole Jen, Brad, Angie thing.  Camera men & producers sure were working those angles – weren’t they?  I would put money that Jen gave Brad the wink/smile thing as she was standing there at one point.  What do you think?  Angie of course was working the fake smile, oh Jack Black’s funny & I know the camera’s on me kind of thing. 

And of course watching Heath Ledger’s family accept his award was very sweet.  I think they did a nice job for him. 

So that’s about all the good – hmmm … 4 hours for those 5 minutes.  I’m glad I hit the record button!!  Plenty of bad though – umm, not sure about the whole Beyonce song & dance number.  The presentation of all the supporting/lead actor awards was a little morbid for me – that’s probably a tad strong. 

What about you – am I missing anything? 

Then of course there’s always the dresses.   I like to see what the “fashion world” have to say the next day.  Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t.

For instance – Angeline Jolie – they (whoever they are) gave her an A+.  I’d have gone with a C.  Just average to me.  It’s just a black strapless dress that she could have worn to anything.  It’s the Oscars for cryin out loud & she’s a nominee.  Can’t you think outside of the little black dress.   

And then there’s this little number.  I don’t even know who she is, but they gave her a B+.  An F would be more like it.  It looks like an experiment gone bad.  And are those cowboy boots she’s wearing with it?!?

Then there are several that we definitely agree with.  These were all pretty horrible in my book:

And I thought these were all beautiful:

But I think this one was my favorite.  I would have re-worked the bottom.  Not sure about that very last bit of white fabric popping out but overall, I think this is beautiful & looks so pretty on her.

Of course all of this is coming from a girl that buys most of her clothes from the same place she buys her milk & eggs, so maybe “they” do know a little more than I!!!  But, what were some of your fashion favorites?



  1. rebekah said,

    I love watching the Red Carpet preshow to see what everyone is wearing. I didn’t like how the did the presentations of the awards either.

  2. Staci E said,

    I did not watch any of it. We are still in the dark ages and do not have a DVR. I don’t even remember what I watched last night. Obviously, it was not very important.

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