February 17, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Megan, sick) ()

Can I just be honest & say that right now, this very moment I am completly wiped out.  Spent.  Toast!  We’re on our 12th day of a never-ending ear infection with Megan.  That doesn’t include the fussiness before actually leading up to the dreaded words … “ear. infection.”.  Evan didn’t go to the doctor for a sick visit until he was 2 years old.  Megan went for her first at six weeks and I swear some days I feel like I just need to make her a revolving appointment!  I love beautiful weather in February, but I’d rather not have it if it’s going to be 75 one day at 35 the next!!  We’ll never get over anything if we’re on that rollercoaster. 


But isn’t she cute …



And I close by saying, I know the above statements sound incredibly selfish!  I have read way too many blogs recently of truly sick children that just break my heart.  But I’m just a girl with the mothering instincts of a cactus just being honest … at this very moment anyways!



  1. AmyG said,

    Poor baby! I hope her ears heal quickly! And you’re right… she is very cute!

  2. staci said,

    Man, you’ll never forget that analogy, will you?!?!

    And yes, she is SO very cute! Looks like YOUR baby pic!

  3. Rachel said,

    Ah, the life of a second baby. Mikayla didn’t have her first fever until she was 18 months old. Gavin had his first fever and ear infection at 9 weeks old. We also did the almost three weeks of treating ear infections with both of the kids a couple weeks ago. It was no fun. Hang in there and I hope she feels better soon!

  4. rebekah said,

    Awww….. poor Megan. I hope that she feels better soon.

  5. Becky said,

    Try chiropractic- seriously! I wish I had known about it back then!

  6. KAT said,

    Yes, she is unbelieveably cute.
    Sorry she has been so sick! I know it stinks for all of you!

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