Valentine’s day ideas … for next year

February 16, 2009 at 8:16 am (parties, Valentine's Day) ()

I now have three posts about Valentine’s Day – I don’t think I ever got one up about Christmas this past year, but THREE for Valentine’s … not sure what’s up with that, but here goes!!

I happen to catch a past Valentine episode of “Jon & Kate + Eight” yesterday.  Kate gave me some fun ideas to remember for coming years:

1.  The Valentine Pouch – The night before she decorated the kitchen table & hung the cutest little bag off of each child’s chair.  She called them their “Valentine Pouchbags” (I think).  It looked like she used them each year.  She filled them with just fun little things – stickers, paper, maybe one small toy, nothing big or expensive … just fun!

2.  Every meal was about hearts – heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches, heart shaped cucumber bits.  She made the little ones count how many hearts they could find on their plate.

3.  The Scavenger Hunt – Later in the day she took the kids on a scavenger hunt.  She gave them the first clue (on a heart of course) and then sent them to eight different locations.  Eveything was inside the house but she put one clue at one end & the next at the very opposite end of the house, so they were running everywhere – what kid doesn’t like to run around in the house, especially if they won’t get in trouble for it!!  The final clue left them to a big “Tub of Love” as she called it.  It was one giant box with smaller presents inside for each.  Again, she said it wasn’t anything expensive just little things that they would need or use – it was more about the fun in getting to it.

Thanks Kate for the ideas!



  1. rebekah said,

    I saw this episode and she really did get very creative.

  2. staci said,

    Oh, this is great! I love it!! This kind of stuff is the reason I want to have kids. Other than that…I’m still thinking about it :)

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