Definitely not my sister

February 8, 2009 at 11:41 pm (baking, cakes, cupcakes) (, )

So everything – absolutely everything – my sister does turns out cute.  But in our little world one thing she’s become rather “famous” for his her cakes & cupcakes.  She’ll tell you she’s not a baker (she just uses box mixes, but for some reason they always still turn out better than my box mixes).  And she’ll try to tell you she’s not even that good at decorating them.  But I disagree!  For absoltuely no training, she’s good!!!

These are some of my personal favorites from her collection:

And those are just a couple!!  Check out Sweets for more yummy treats!

So enough about her, back to me.  I’m definitely NOT my sister in this department.  I did however, attempt to make some Steeler cupcakes to enjoy at a Superbowl Party hosted by our friends the Klehms.  However they turned out more like a blob of yellow on some chocolate icing. 


At least I know who to call when they actually need to look good!



  1. staci said,

    Wow…thanks for the compliment! At first, I was thinking “What in the world is she posting about my cakes for??” I think yours turned out great!

  2. Alicia said,

    They did turn out great, and they tasted even better!! YUMMY!!!

  3. KAT said,

    very creative of you!!!! I like them!

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