From thanksgiving to new years & more

January 17, 2009 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

I can’t believe it’s already January 17th!!  My last post was about Thanksgiving – it’s a good thing no one was holding their breath waiting for an updated post!  We’ve had Christmas, New Years, my brothers’ birthday and Evan’s tubes since I’ve been on here last.  So to say I’ve done a miserable job at posting is an understatement!  I’ve even been pretty lousy at reading blogs these day too!  But BOTH little ones are spending the night out this Sunday since Monday is no school (oh how I love have family work in the school system) … so my goal is to get caught up on ALOT of things … this being one.

I have been keeping up with one blogger – Kelly.  I found her through my sister the beginning of last year.  She tried 5 years to conceive her first child and after years of disappointment she became pregnant this past year.  I followed along with her blog (along with COUNTless others) and was so excited for her yesterday when she went into the hospital to be induced with her baby girl – Harper.  Unfortunately Harper is in very critical condition & needs LOTS of prayers.  Her mom & entire family is trusting in God’s plan.  Please pray for her …  she has lots of monogrammed dresses to come home & wear!!


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