Weekend wrap-up

December 18, 2008 at 2:31 pm (Christmas, Friends, Uncategorized)

That would be last weekend … I realize it’s almost already time for this weekend, but hey I still haven’t even posted about Thanksgivng or the Sisterchick Christmas Party!

We had a busy but fun weekend.  Of course, a busy weekend probably sums up most this time of year – right?  On Saturday we had some good friends over.  They actually all started out as “Pep’s friends”, but now most of them are married & have kids so they’re my friends too!  It was fun to all get together and also alot different with kids & babies around. 


Sunday was jam packed fun … or  mostly just jammed packed.  We had our annual “Lovett Family Christmas Party”.  It’s always the 2nd Sunday of December.  This year apparently all the old ladies were tired of cooking so we went here:


Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the Golden Corral!  In case you’re wondering – and I know you’re not – we had some “Order of Business” at this year’s gathering and it was voted that starting next year we would get together on the 2nd Saturday of December – for lunch at Eddie & Laurann’s and it will be catered – everyone will just chip in of course.  Don’t you love those kinds of family gatherings!  You have “business” and it involves planning for next year … can’t we just enjoy the one we’re in!!!

After a good ole’ meal (if you like that kind of buffet thing), Pep & I went on a movie date to see 4 Christmases.  I can sum that one up with “strange” and “disappointing”.  We laughed, but each time we were also thinking what in this world?!?!  Nine times out of 10, we’re pretty disappointed when it comes to those Romantic Comedy-types.  Why can’t they just make a good movie??

After the movie we zipped off to Pep’s company Christmas Party.  It was really nice – the food was good, company was pleasant, and the door prizes were – GREAT.  Pep won this:


Isn’t that awesome!!!!  Yes – it is!  It’s a 42″ LCD/ HDTV Flat Screen – yipee!!

Then on our way home, we decided to put out a fire – literally!!  Our neighborhood holds an annual fundraiser called “Night of Lights”.  Votive candles line the streets – well, one of those fell over a few houses down from ours.  Fortunately we & another neighbor pulled in when we did.  Apparently the grass was pretty dry & it started spreading pretty fast.  They got it out before it got to the pinestraw. 

So after all the excitement I can’t wait to see what this weekend holds!


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  1. staci said,

    Are you kidding me?! Pep won that?! That’s great! And a fire???? All in the same night??? Yowzers!

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