Rule breakers

December 10, 2008 at 11:02 am (3 year olds, behavior, parenting)

I’ve never been the type to break rules on purpose.  Ok – certainly I’ve done it from time to time over my 30-years but overall, I’ve been too scared on more occasions than not.  More than anything though (ok – not really more than anything, but at this very moment anyways), is when parents break rules in front of their kids.  Not even the “big rules” but just the little minor ones.  I know I’m guilty from time to time too, but I’ve come to realize that preschool moms can be the worst!!  If I had a dollar for every Mom that broke the traffic rules at pick-up in the afternooon … I’d have my Christmas shopping paid for!! 

I remember so many occasions working in Children’s Church where parents would say “No sweetie, we can’t do that because Ms. Mandi will get on to you”.  YUCK – how about “No.  We can not do that because that’s the rule”.  Why do I have to be the bad person!!  Evan has a cousin that is two years older than him.  And the family is constantly saying “sit down so Evan will”, “eat your vegetables so Evan will”, “stop running so Evan will”.  AGH – why can’t it just be “Sit down, Eat your vegetables & Stop running” because those are the rules!!  Why does Evan have to be the bad guy!!  I know I’ll slip from time to time & do that with Evan & Megan, but I hope I catch myself.  I have this fear of Evan hating Megan because she’s the reason he has to be good!!

Ok – enough of that soapbox!!! 

I’ve come to realize why there’s four weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas – so people like me will have time to post about one before the other comes.   I’ve got to work on that!!


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