Take five

November 30, 2008 at 10:36 pm (blogging)

Days that is.  I know I’m not a very consistent blogger, but I am a very, very, very, and very – way too very – consistent online user.  Whether it’s checking one of my too many email addresses, catching up on blogs from family, my best friends or people I’ve never met but enjoy keeping up with their lives, reading the latest in news or entertainment, finding good deals on eBay or super cute things on Etsy, paying the bills online, checking status updates on Facebook, or just flat out “surfin’ the net”, I am online WAY too much!!

Don’t think I’m crazy, I don’t think the internet is a bad thing – I don’t think all the previously mentioned are bad things, but I do think it’s a bad thing when I’m on here way too much.   I am truly addicted to the being online!!  So I’m going to take five – days that is, and see how much more enriched my life can be when I cut this tie for a week!!  And if it’s not any more enriched – then hopefully I’ll at least get a lot of stuff done!!  I used to take walks at night, watch TV with Pep, clean the house … I don’t even remember what I used to do at night, I just know that now I put the kids in bed & somehow end up sitting in front of the computer until I realize I’m up too late & I need to go to bed!!  Not to mention the fact that I feel Yahoo just calling me in to check messages on a hourly basis during the day!  Forget the fact that I don’t even get important emails anymore!!

I had been thinking about doing this for a while now, but now my chuch is currently on series called “Christmas Rebellion” – taking Christmas Back!  This series has had me thinking more about it, so I figured this is a great way to kick of the Christmas Season – spending more time with my family & for myself … and not Al Gore’s genious invention (haha!).

I’m actually very nervous about doing this.  My will power is not good – it never has been.  So that’s the primary reason for posting about it here.  I’m not looking for cheers & certainly not any jeers!!!  I just figured I’d stand a better chance of holding myself accountable if I told “someone” about it!

So, I’ve got all my bills paid, emails checked, facebook status has been updated – I feel like I’m going on vacation – you know all the “work” you do before you go?!?  I am giving myself one addendum to the rules … I have a few things currently listed on eBay, so I will check those once a day just to make sure there aren’t any questions I need to answer – I need to keep my Christmas shopping money up:).

SO – if you need me between now & Saturday, here’s a few ways you can get in touch with me:  1) Call, 2) Mail me a letter, 3) Send me a telegram or 4) Wait until next week.


1 Comment

  1. ohamanda said,

    Good for you!

    Can I text you?

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