Exam rooms

October 21, 2008 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized) (, )

I don’t understand them.  It’s basically a known fact that you wait in the waiting room to then wait in the Exam Room until the Dr. finally decides to come.  So why do most places not have magazines in the Exam Rooms.  Do I just go to really stupid places??  My Dr. offices have always had a poor selection of out-dated magazines, but any Pediatrician we’ve ever been to has nothing – absolutely NOTHING!  What is up with that.  And I feel like we’ve been to plenty to test that theory … Evan’s had 5 different Pediatrician’s in his 3 short little years & goodness gracious poor little Megan has already been to the Dr.  7 times in 7 weeks.  It would just be nice if there were some Curious George books to read or something:) 

Does your Dr. have anything to pass the time??



  1. staci said,

    The only dr. I go to (who know that is) has really outdated mags too. Now the hairdresser is a different story!!

  2. Staci E said,

    Stephen’s pediatrician has some books in the room but they are pretty ripped up since children are the ones looking at the books. Thankfully, we have had the same pediatrician the whole time.

  3. ohamanda said,

    Actually, when we went for Asa’s one month, there were several books AND a puzzle! I was shocked!

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