Do you double check?

October 4, 2008 at 5:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Do you double check your receipts?  As much as possible I try to, but more times than not I’m usually trying to get in & out of a store before any freak-out may occur.  I try to watch as items are scanned & that works out pretty good if you have only a few items but otherwise that can be pretty tricky.

But in a matter of just a few weeks I was overcharged by $25 … and that’s just the times I actually caught it!!!  TARGET overcharged me $13!!!!  On three separate items the cashier charged me for a more than one quantity when only one was purchased.  KROGER overcharged me $5 on some formula that was on sale.  And OLD NAVY overcharged me $7 for some pants that were on sale.

The sad part is that I only recovered the $7 from Old Navy.  With gas shortages & prices, the $13 wasn’t worth it because it wasn’t my “normal” Target.  And by the time I realized the formula didn’t ring up right I was just to lazy (or busy) to chase it down.

Do you think it was just a case of getting in the wrong line a few times to many this month or do you think that’s normal.  What if we’re overcharged by as much (or as little) as $25 every month … It’s my money & I want it now!!! (to quote a line from TitleMax).

But here’s a tip … always check your deli meat.  One time KROGER ran me up for $79 for 1lb of turkey instead of $7.90!!!!  Now that one I most definitely got refunded!!!


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  1. staci said,

    Yikes! That’s why I buy the cheapo pre-packaged meat…ain’t no $79 mistake there :)

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