Things you can do in an Atlanta gas line

October 1, 2008 at 11:11 am (Atlanta) (, , )

1. Put your car in park.

2. People watch.

3.  Listen to your 5-week old baby scream.

4.  Feed your screaming 5-week old baby.

5.  Count the number of people that think they’re more important than everyone else waiting in line (and don’t use the excuse “I didn’t see the line” … there’s a line at EVERY gas station in ATL!!).

6.  Eat lunch … heck you could eat a whole 5-course meal!

7.  Listen to your baby scream some more.

8.  Paint your nails … and watch them dry!!

9.  Take aLOT of deep breaths!

10.  Know that you now have gas so you can go see your best friend & meet her new baby!!!!!!!

What have you done while waiting in line??



  1. ohamanda said,

    Oh, poor Megan! I hope meeting Asa is worth it! ;)

  2. AmyG said,

    We feel your pain up here, in NC. Things are ever so slowly getting better, but we aren’t quite there. At least the news isn’t reporting the police having to be called out anymore, lol. Hope it gets better for us both, soon!

  3. KAT said,

    I know! It is crazy!

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