Passing thoughts

September 6, 2008 at 9:43 pm (life with two, newborns)

It’s been about two weeks since I posted last.  And it’s been about two weeks since bringing home Megan and having two little ones in the house … think those two are related in any way – you’re right!  Time – that’s something I haven’t seemed to find to much of lately.  Hopefully I’ll get better at that!

Anyhow, I thought the easiest catch up would be to just share a few of the thoughts that have passed through my mind the last two weeks … plus that’s about all i can muster up right now:

1.  Will my three year old ever love me again like he did “pre-Megan”?

2.  Is God just showing his sense of humor when Pep got a stomach bug last Sunday?

3.  I need to get some sleep.

4.  Baby girls are fun … even the dryer lint is pink!!!

5.  Ok God, Did I not laugh at the joke hard enough so that’s why Evan got an Ear Infection this week?

6.  I still need to get some sleep.

7.  Oh I forgot about baby hiccups!

8.  I love baby feet!

9.  I’m getting good at doing anything & everything with just one hand.

10.  Yipee!!!  My smile is slowly going back to normal (or at least “pre-bells palsy”)!

11.  I REALLY need to get some sleep …


Oh – and to “Stephanie” that said Megan “was not beautiful” … well you’re mean!!!!!



  1. staci said,

    Who’s Stephanie? She needs a good smackdown!

  2. Becky said,

    Who the heck is this Stephanie? You know, someone posted on my blog yesterday that I needed a more attractive avatar. :( Mean.

    Do you have a baby sling? That way you can have 2 hands!!

  3. ohamanda said,


    LOL! True!

  4. ohamanda said,

    ugh…sorry my comment got jacked up…

    I was just LOL at the pink dryer lint! ;)

    Can’t wait to see BEAUTIFUL Megan again! (What does Stephanie know?!)

  5. brandybuzz said,

    Glad I’m not Stephanie! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! They made me laugh! Hope you guys are all well now and that you are getting some sleep!

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