2 week countdown …

August 20, 2008 at 8:07 am (pregnancy, pregnant) ()

I’m a day behind, but yesterday we hit the official 38 weeks.  Baby Girl (you guessed it – still no name) is doing healthy & well.  Me on the other hand am offiicially struggling with swollen feet & continuing my “facial exercises” for Bells Palsey … oh joy!!

This weekend I was given a double baby shower with Amanda … oh my goodness I’ve never seen so many presents.  Needless to say we were blessed with an entire years worth of clothes, a bunch of diapers and more!!  Everyone was so incredibly generous.  And since it was given by Kristen, Staci, Becky, and Rebekah everything was thought out and there were so many of those “extra touches” to make it fun & special!!  So far, Kristen is the only one with pictures up.

Baby boys & girls are so different though … you don’t get 5 accessories with a baby boy’s outfit like you do a little girl.  I’ll have to get use to accessorizing appropriately!

So we’re on the “any day now” watch …

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  1. ohamanda said,

    so true! all your little outfits came w/hats and shoes and clilps, etc! Oh, she got some cute stuff, tho’!

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