3 week countdown

August 12, 2008 at 7:02 pm (pregnancy, pregnant) ()

We’ve officially hit 37 weeks today & thus just three more to go to the actual due date.  Basically it could be any day, but I try not to think about that too much just in case she’s a little stubburn!

I just realized last night that Pep & I haven’t talked about names in a few days.  I think we’re both just trying to forget about that big decision with hopes that if we don’t dwell on it for a minute it will “come to us” … that or we just figured she’ll be 2 days old before she has a name just like Evan anyways.

Here’s a glimpse at the nursery.  Aunt Staci gets all the props!!  I still need artwork & window treatments, but this is probably all that will be done before she comes home.  The big “moon” above her bed is still up for debate.  The plan was to put her monogram inside, but that’s hard to do without a name!!  Right now I don’t like it, so we’ll have to see what it looks like after the monogram & then it will either stay or go.

Other than that we’re just remaining on the countdown …


  1. KAT said,

    I love it! It is beautiful!

  2. Liz said,

    The room is very cute. Love the polka dots.

  3. ohamanda said,

    Oh, you know I love purple! I love it!

  4. ohamanda.com » Sisterchicks For Hire said,

    […] we did a purple & blue polka dot shower. Mandi’s nursery is purple polka dots and mine is will be blue with circles. So, it was perfect! Everything was […]

  5. Procrastination at its worst « it’s come to this … said,

    […] girl nursery, procrastinate) Tomorrow will be exactly 9 months – NINE months since I wrote this post.  In it, I wrote: I still need artwork & window treatments, but this is probably all that will […]

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