A Fickle of a Day

April 7, 2008 at 1:52 pm (Friends, lunch, sisterchicks)

fick·le – –adjective

1. likely to change

And change it did … this morning I was working from home when I received an impromptu call that some bloggy friends were meeting for an impromptu lunch at the Fickle Pickle.  Oh it’s so yummy!! So Staci, Amanda (with Lydia), Becky & I had a yummy lunch of Chicken Salads, Chicken Tortilla Soup and a Chocolate Ginger Cooking … and of course some fried pickles!! 

Ok – so the girls are more than “just” bloggy friends, but I’ve never been able to say that, so I thought I’d use it this once … they all have blogs & are all friends, so it still works:)

The most amazing part that I just realized – we ate an entire meal together & not ONE camera was brought out!!!!  If there’s four of us, usually at least 3 cameras will come out … but today – not ONE!!!



  1. staci said,

    I know! I even had mine in my purse and Becky even called me before to make sure I had one! We are losing our touch!

  2. My friends aren’t fickle « Beck’s Blog said,

    […] the homemade potato chips with homemade ketchup!  Mmm.  What was the worst part?  As Mandi says here, no one took any […]

  3. ohamanda said,

    I even had my camera in my purse! I guess when Lydia is squeezing my head off, it’s hard to concentrate on pictures!

  4. Erin said,

    Oh, that sounds like so much fun! That really is too bad that no pictures were taken. And I’m wishing I had been there to have some of that tortilla soup (and of course meet you all) : )

  5. Becky said,

    How weird that my link to you ended up being a comment post here.

    Anyhow, that was fun, but maybe we should reinact it to get some pictures. Anyone?

  6. brandybuzz said,

    I love the fickle pickle! Jason, Nora and I go there a lot! I can’t believe that Amanda and Staci didn’t have their cameras!

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