The First & Only

April 5, 2008 at 3:10 pm (contest, pregnancy, pregnant)

Oh how I do not get into baby bump pictures … now if I was a ‘cute little pregnant lady’, I might actually like it.  But I’m not.  Everything about me tends to grow and the last thing I want to do is have my picture made.  BUT if a prize is involved, I’m all game.  Pinks & Blues is having a contest for a super cute Skip Hop Diaper Bag, so with this post … I’m officially in!

My friend Amanda is one of those cute little pregnant ladies and she’s entered, so I’m hoping that one of us win.  We were both pregnant with our first babies at the same time, but she lived in Bham then … now she’s back where she belongs & we’re pregnant with babies number 2 at the same time again. 

And unfortunately, I’m also pregnant with people like Angelina Jolie & Gwen Stephani … absolute perfection (looks wise anyways) in my husbands eyes, so that really stinks!!  So here I am (technically this was 2 wks ago, at about 16 wks … It just took me that long to actually publish this post)!



  1. Becky said,

    Mandi Lynn!! you are most certainly one of those cute pregnant ladies! I think you’re gorgeous!

  2. staci said,

    Awww….what a cute little bump!

  3. Rebekah said,

    That is too cute!!!!

  4. pinksandblues said,

    Angelina and Gwen have NOTHING on you! You are absolutely adorable! Thanks for bumping around with us at Pinks & Blues!
    Sharon – Pinks & Blues

  5. ohamanda said,

    Oh, I think it’s adorable! (And I’m going to pretend you were comparing me to Angelina and Gwen, too!)

  6. Kristen said,

    Mandi, you are crazy! You are an adorable pregnant person!

  7. Alicia said,

    I think your little bump is adorable :)
    u are one of the cute pregnant chics too.
    I don’t think anyone (at least i didn’t ) feels like hey look great when they are preggo.

  8. Erin Bleisath said,

    I look like that normally! You look great! Congrats!!

  9. Erin said,

    What a cute little bump!! I think it’s perfect : )

  10. brandybuzz said,

    You have a perfect baby belly!!!

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