Weekend Wrap Up

March 23, 2008 at 4:00 pm (Easter, Easter Sunday, Egg Hunt, family, weekend)

This has been such a nice weekend – the weather has been absolutely beautiful & we had a lot of good family & friend time … the perfect weekend to celebrate the ultimate gift that we’ve ever been given.   Church was incredibly, incredibly croweded this morning, but I like it that way because it usually brings a sense of good excitement (and alot more crying babies and talking toddlers in the sanctuary – I definitely don’t like that part).  I’m always pulling for Pastors to knock one out of the park on a day like Easter Sunday.  For some it’s the one opportunity out of the entire year that they’ll hear the love of Jesus & what he did for us … as long as they hit those points then I’m pretty happy.  I remember sitting at one service one year, just hoping that he was going to come around to that point … I was beginning to doubt it but he finally got there!  This was our first Easter at our new church & I really enjoyed it!

 Yesterday we had a yummy lunch & fun at my parents house (I’ll have to post later with pictures).  Of course, Aunt Staci came through again with a fun egg hunt for the kids.  She’s such a teacher because she always has instructions for her egg hunts!!!  Today we had lunch with some out of town friends after church (Mexican – you know the standard Easter dinner).  After lunch we planted two new trees in the yard (Pep said they were a deal of a lifetime – they looked dead to me) and now we’re getting ready to head over to his parents for some Seafood Jumbo (the other standard Easter dinner).

 All good things must come to end though soon … it will be Monday AM in less than 12 hours:(.


  1. brandybuzz said,

    Seafood Jumbo?! That sounds fantastic! It has been a very nice weekend for us too, but the good news is I have Monday off!!! Happy Easter!

  2. Kristen said,

    What a fun weekend! Uh! I wish it didn’t have to end so soon!

  3. staci said,

    Did ya’ll do the egg hunt at MLC?

  4. ohamanda said,

    Sounds so fun!! I love weekends like that!

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