Blue or Pink?

March 19, 2008 at 7:49 am (little one on the way, pregnancy, pregnant)

Four more weeks and I should know.  That is if the little one on the way is cooperating!  Yesterday I heard the heart beat – 145 beats & got the next Ultrasound date – yipee!  I remember finding out Evan’s gender.  I just wanted to know from the Ultrasound Lady if she was sure … as in “can I paint the room blue sure”?  I can hardly tell enough about those pictures to recognize the head, much less a little thing like ‘that’.

But April 16th is the day … no yellow & green for me:)

Oh & on a side note – can you believe I actually got in & OUT of my appointment yesterday BEFORE my appointment time?!?!  That has got to be a first.  I showed up about 30 minutes early just because it worked out that way so I thought I’d give it a try.  This goes agains the Code of Dr Offices, so I know I’m in for it next time!!



  1. staci said,

    I’ve already got it on my calendar :)

  2. Kristen said,

    How excitng! So, does it still “feel’ like a boy?

  3. brandybuzz said,

    Can’t wait to find out!

  4. beckbeck said,

    Hmmm…high heart beat…could be a girl!

  5. Alicia said,

    Girls are pretty awesome, but for Pep and Evan’s sake, I am hoping a Boy :)
    I will remember that date!!

  6. Erin said,

    Oooh, I can’t wait till you find out…how exciting.

  7. ohamanda said,

    Girl! Girl! Girl!

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