Thank you Jesus for the eggs.

March 2, 2008 at 3:47 pm (2year olds, Egg Hunt, weekend)

Yesterday we were supposed to go to an Easter Egg Hunt with my sister Staci at Nora’s parents house .  Evan had spent the night with my mom & dad (his Gami & Papa) so we went to their house to pick him up.  Unfortunately right before we got there he got sick to his stomach.  He had been sick on Wednesday but not another ‘episode’ until that Saturday AM – crazy!  So needless to say we didn’t take him to the Egg Hunt:(.

 We stayed at my parents for a while partly because we didn’t want to drive with the chance of another ‘episode’ and partly because it was my mom’s birthday & we were supposed to have a birthday dinner that evening.  Of course it’s hard to keep a two year old down – the second he thinks he’s feeling better he wants to run around again and this time was no different. 

My parents lost 6 or 7 huge pine trees in the storms early this week … it was crazy (more like a miracle) how they all fell without falling on the house!! Even my Dad’s squirrel feeder was standing up practically in the middle of all the downed trees not even touched.  So my Dad & brothers – Matt & Clint – were cutting the trees up & hauling everything off in their trucks.  Evan got to ride once or twice in the back of the trucks.

Aunt Staci came back from the Egg Hunt with a goody bag for Evan – full of stickers, coloring sheets, & eggs filled with candy!!!  He had alot of fun with that!

So after lunch we decided to ride on home & let the little guy get some sleep.  That night as I was laying Evan down, I started his prayer & he finished with this:

 Dear Jesus,

Thank you for Mommie & Daddie & Papa & Gami & Aunt Staci & Uncle Matt, Uncle Clint & Uncle Matt’s Truck & Uncle Clint’s Truck.  And thank you Jesus for the eggs.



  1. Staci said,

    Too funny!

  2. brandybuzz said,

    That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I am glad he liked his eggs so much! Poor thing had such a hard day, we missed you guys but totallly understand:) Thanks for sending your eggs and Nora a treat:)

  3. Kristen said,

    That is a great prayer! I hate that I missed the egg hunt, too!

  4. ohamanda said,

    What a sweetie pie!

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